PlayTM: Metal Gear Solid 4: A first look, for a first timer

PlayTM editor Paul Govan writes:

"Even when life was less busy, when the evenings stretched on into the darkness and the mornings were mine for the consuming, even back then for some reason I never turned my hand to Metal Gear Solid. This espionage action game now sees its fourth release and gives me more reason than ever to pop my Metal Gear cherry.

Since then a lot has changed, the family has grown and the aforementioned franchise has evolved. But strangely, now that my free time is scarcer, and I really should know better than considering getting involved, I feel more attracted than ever to don cat suit and armour in the world of Metal Gear."

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ice_prophecy3836d ago

that leaves you feeling that he has sufficiently justified. You can't argue against something as basic as honest personal feelings.