World of Warships May Be More Fun Than World of Tanks, and the Devil is in the Details

As is tradition in the worlds of, World of Warships focuses on strategic game play and tactical diversity. With meticulous attention to detail, World of Warships showcases all true-to-life physics, bringing naval combat to a level never before seen outside of the real world.

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Stevefantisy1537d ago

I wish I had the chance to play this because it looked stupendous!

JoeIsMad1537d ago

It's one of my favorite games at PAX, and I'll be giving it a nice preview soon.

JackOfAllBlades1537d ago

This will hold my over till War Thunder ships

Jacktrauma1537d ago

This was an excellent game and all the time i spent with it was epic! I went through the line twice for it XD

JoeIsMad1537d ago

That's saying something, considering that they line was two hours long at PAX.

The Meerkat1537d ago

But it won't have submarines.

One of my favourite bits of the Battlestations games was managing to get you sub to the other side of the map without being detected and then lying in wait for the enemy carrier. Then coming up to torpedo depth and blasting it point blank before his destroyers could react.

The Battlestations games were unique. Its such a shame Eidos Hungary were closed. F U Square Enix!

sovietsoldier1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

warthunder will crush world of warships when it releases its navy.