Styx: Master Of Shadows: Attack Of The Ugly Green Goblin

If Styx had looks to kill, you'd already be dead as Cyanide Studios prove there is more to building a leading heroic character combined with engaging gameplay than just devilish good looks and washboard abs.

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ginalee5541533d ago

Haha, thats so funny. Nice to see Cyanide not sticking to formula on this one. It sort of reminds me of Creed mixed with fable, what do you guys think?

shallowpoint1533d ago

I got that same vibe! :-)

Frankskint1533d ago

@ginalee554 Not sure the british accents make me think of Thief, which to me was an epic failure of mega proportions. Hope this doesn't go that route.

lisamorgan41533d ago

Feel a lot more like Assassin's Creed Than Thief, especially with the stealth kills.

danniellelewis1533d ago

its like an assassin creed game but with actually proper stealth gameplay.

edwardhuff6631533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Well i think its very brave of Cyanide to actually make a character like Styx.

I usually support the villains in hero movies, they are always misunderstood, kind of like the Joker or Bane from Batman. If you really research their backstory you will come to discover that it wasn't only pretty boy bat face who had a troubled childhood.

He just had the good looks and loads of money to play with.

LOL i digress. Bravo Cyanide, I think I just found another new hero to support in Styx.

henrythomas2841533d ago

Well Styx better have a lot more going for him, because we are conditioned as a society to follow looks. For example Captain America, Superman, Batman, Justin Bieber . . . JK on the last one, but you get my point.

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