Oculus VR Founders Reveal Price Point for Rift

Virtual reality headsets for the price of a console.

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jujubee881509d ago

Too rich for my blood. VR still isn't a cheap enough hobby as it needs to get to motion control price range to really absorb a large demographic and keep traction.

xer01509d ago

Yes... at this stage, I'd pick a console every time over VR.

There's nothing really compelling on VR.
I thought the facebook acquisition would possibly make oculus cheaper.

Guess not.

jamstorr861509d ago

You would think differently if you had used one.

jujubee881509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )


Anyone who's short on spending cash isn't suddenly going to shell out on a non-essential gaming accessory that some people online say is 'unique' or 'fun' (yet, completely dependent on only your word bc the nature of the devices intimate usage). That's the truth and you and everyone else knows this about VR.

I've never used a VR HMD. I know some (not everything) about VR, I've known and spoken with others who have and even currently work in teams that work on projects for VR. And everyone of them would say that the VR world isn't going to see a huge upburst until BOTH the consumers take to it AND the prices lower.

I can already illustrate this in my head:

"People will easily blow past a box with a $200-$400 msrp in a store or virtual store. They don't know what VR is because their friends don't have one and their console can run without it. They ask what it is and are confused by the concept since no one in their social circle can back up chatter with an, "it's amazing! Totally worth it!" (etc.) to back up his consumer confidence in spending hundreds on the thing. He is intrigued but thinks "I'll wait until my friend buys one or until the price comes way down"".

^^ You tell me, is this scenario truly out of the question? Because I think you will find it happens all the time with yourself and others.

XB1_PS41509d ago

Oh man, nothing compelling? Everything is compelling once you put a rift on. I would gladly pay $400 for an Oculus Rift. From what I've experienced with it I'd pay $600, and it would still be worth it.

Considering my GPU was $500, a Rift for $200-$400 sounds like a sound investment into the future of gaming.

Kurylo3d1509d ago

if thats too rich for your blood, you shouldnt be playing video games at all.. u need to horde your money.

TardcoreGamer1509d ago

They are going to sell the consumer version at the cost to make it, they said. If this was an Apple product it would easily be $1000 or higher.

xer01509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@jamstorr86 I have used one.

As a developer I get exposed to all the toys :/
And I'm buying the morpheus.

Tell me what the compelling VR titles are.
What are you most looking forward to?

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starchild1509d ago

Having used the Oculus Rift DK1 and knowing how much better the consumer version is going to be $200 to $400 seems extremely reasonable to me. It's actually worth far more than that to me.

There is nothing else like a proper VR experience.

jamstorr861509d ago

i have to agree. It is one of those things where people can't appreciate it until they play it. The Rift is the single biggest step in taking gaming forward in the last 10 years.

Kamikaze1351509d ago

For me, whether it's worth it or not will depend how good the effect is and how much support it gets from game developers.

AndrewLB1509d ago

There is HUGE support for Oculus Rift in the PC dev community, and is far larger than what we've heard of thus far from console developers. From what I hear, many already released games available on Steam are having oculus support added as well.

GeofferyPeterson1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

$4000 is pretty pricey. I guess Sucker-Burg want's his 2 billion back A.S.A.P.

annus1509d ago

$4000... You should invest in a pair of glasses.

Grap1509d ago

VR is should be Your least of you concerns.

Pinkdolphinyfg1509d ago

I would imagine similar technology like morpheus would be in the same price range.

aliengmr1509d ago

$200 to $400 is a monitor upgrade as I see it, so its not that pricey IMO.

starchild1509d ago

Exactly. It seems very cheap to me. I spend that much or more on a monitor and a good VR headset can do more. You can have a 20ft virtual cinema screen that looks surprisingly good.

AndrewLB1509d ago

It's actually quite a bit cheaper than a quality display. My 24" Dell Ultrasharp displays are IPS and cost friggin' $500 each. The new 27" Ultrasharp 4k display is like $1k.

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