PS4 Exclusive Omega Quintet’s New Trailer Shows Camera and Move Features, Is Full of Weirdness

Compile Heart just released a new trailer of the PS4 exclusive Omega Quintet, and this time is a fairly interesting one.

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gamerfan09091535d ago

Why do all JRPG's have these goofy anime character animations? I mean From Software has shown they can be a Japanese dev that can move away from this cringe worthy art style that's associated with this genre.

TFJWM1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I wish more RPGs had anime, No No Kuni style or otherwise
I dont really see how this is cringe worthy esp if you watch anime, seems pretty well done

Servbot1535d ago

Omega Quintet is an RPG. There are videos which show exploration and the turn based battle system. You can even see the "Galapagos RPG" label that the game has 8 seconds into the video. Compile Heart made the Galapagos RPG label to signify that these games are heavily focused on the Japanese market.

TuxedoMoon1535d ago

Oh man, why do all WRPGs always have dirty gritty look to them with 30 year old white men as the main characters? When will Western developers learn to be more stylized instead of aiming for boring brown and grey realism. <-- Tried to reverse your comment to the best I can.

It's a Japanese (eastern) thing. That's their style and that's what their market likes. Same goes for Western games. Most western games look gritty and aim for realism to appealing to a western audience. That's not to say that neither likes realism or fantasy, but the majority PREFER one over the other.

bjmartynhak1534d ago

Yup. And there are games for everyone. No need to bash any type of game.

HentaiMasterRace1535d ago

*and somewhere far in the ocean, a tentacle monster makes it way to the shore*

Asuka1535d ago

I must own this game NOW!

jznrpg1534d ago

Strange so far, didn't see anything that seemed RPG , more like a dance group simulator? Anyways maybe a good RPG hiding in there.

Sevir1534d ago

This is by far the most bizarre JRPG I've ever seen.

Can we get some traditional JRPGs and action RPGs please?

kowan1534d ago

It is a traditional RPG. THe dancing part is only an added feature for those who like it. They have long gameplay videos of the RPG part everywhere on Youtube already.