Huge Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game update adds Australia

Gaming Everywhere writes: "Well, it took a little longer than expected, but Australia has finally been added to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game via a new “huge” update today."

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Starbucks_Fan1560d ago

If the koala bears attack Kim I'm all for this update

gamerfan09091559d ago

Funny thing is a lot of people shit on this chick for being famous from a sextape. But there's dozens of chicks that have done sextapes and now no one hears from them ever again. Gotta give credit to her. She's marketed herself well and built up successful business ventures.

RickHiggity1558d ago

But the gamers of N4G don't give a a shit about her. so shut your face.

DevilOgreFish1559d ago

......F kim. she be everywhere!!