PAX Prime Editor’s Choice Selections for Game of Show

The Penny Arcade Expo has come and gone, and another year of early mornings, long nights, coffee and drinks, burgers and fries has slipped away. We at PowerLeveled have seen games and developers from all walks of life during four long days of interviews and off-site meetings during PAX Prime, and it’s about time you know what the best of the best has to offer – according to each of us here at PowerLeveled who made it to the show.

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Stevefantisy1535d ago

All really great games. Gigantic was a stupendous!

ROQFrost1535d ago

Tales from the Borderlands was awesome.

JoeIsMad1535d ago

I agree. They had so many nice games there, it was hard to pick a top three, but everything deserves what they earned here.

Einhert1535d ago

Gearbox software and Randy Pitchford?

No thanks mate.

JoeIsMad1535d ago

it's actually not made by Gearbox. This is a Telltale Games title, and it's SUPER compelling. Characters come from the Gearbox Borderlands universe, but the game doesn't play at all alike, and it's a very dynamic campaign. I played some 30 minutes of it, and it's pretty great.

JoeIsMad1535d ago

I felt like World of Warships was better than Dreadnought.