Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL confirmed for North America (red and blue)

A leaked ad from Walmart confirms that Nintendo will be releasing special 3DS XL systems based on the new Super Smash Bros. games.

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1536d ago
King Nezz1536d ago

Hmmmm,I really want a 3DS XL because I have the launch aqua blue 3DS. But at the same time, why upgrade if I plan on getting the New 3DS XL. Decisions decisions.

wonderfulmonkeyman1536d ago

I'll be upgrading because the upgrade can be traded in later on in order to take a nice chunk off of the N3DS's price tag, anyways.
There also will likely be some sort of trade-in incentive program with certain retailers to further improve the value, and with the price of the new units being largely similar to current prices for the old-gens stuff, it's not like I'll be losing a huge chunk of change by going for a regular XL now then upgrading later.

Smash is worth getting a larger screen and better battery life for, anyways. That's for certain.

3-4-51536d ago

Always told myself " I'll upgrade to XL, once Smash Brothers is released. "

* THEN they announced the New 3DS XL, so I'll be getting that instead.

lizard812881535d ago

Agreed. Then the New 3DS came around and killed all of the hype.

Revengeance1536d ago

I would've loved to get this if it was the New 3DS because that now makes this 3DS XL irrelevant to me.