Xbox Live Vs PSN, Who Survives The Destiny Launch?

MegaJon28 writes "Today during the Minecraft launch on the PS4 PlayStation Network servers crashed and the Network went down. The servers appeared to be down for under an hour before becoming stable again. During the downtime some users reported being able to login to the store, but were presented with a bunch of errors before eventually being disconnected from the server. This isn't the first time PSN has been down recently. With Destiny looming, will servers be ready on both sides?"

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1538d ago

idk PSN will have more players on it so either way it wont be fair on PSN and PSN is younger then XBOX LIVE anddd Microsoft has years of customers Paying for LIVE ahead of PSN thus giving them more money to improve XBOX LIVE soooooo... Im sure PSN will be much better off Fall 2015 with Crowded Servers

just saying

Dread1538d ago

So many excuses in just one short paragraph.

1538d ago
InTheLab1538d ago

All of this constant downtime be it maintenance or whatever and people still make excuses for Sony because Sony....

It's downright sad that fans of a thing cannot admit that the thing they love has problems. PSN has always had a problem. It simply cannot stand up to stress the way Xbox Live can.

Now fanboys of the other side will jump on this and say Xbox Live >PSN but that's not what I'm saying. Both have issues, but MS fixes these issues much faster than Sony and that is Sony's fault. There's no weekly maintenance that takes the service offline and the uptime compared to Sony's PSN is not even close.

MS gets DDos'd an they are back up or never offline. It happens to Sony and we get knocked off for half a day or better.

All this tells us is that MS is better equipped at dealing with it's online service than Sony.

Now when both services are up and running, there's virtually no difference between the two other than MS proactively dealing with potential issues....

gootimes1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

"Now when both services are up and running, there's virtually no difference between the two other than MS proactively dealing with potential issues...."

And PS+ being far and away the better value with their instant games collection.

Sony is adding a large amount of servers through their purchase of Openstack, that is pretty proactive in my eyes. Plus, Sony has a much higher traffic to handle with huge amounts of new players each month on top of ten million already, the PSN does need to be improved and beefed up, but that is a legit excuse.

OrangePowerz1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )


There is no weekly maintenance on PSN there is from time to time a maintenance, but far from that frequent. Also the maintenance doesn't bring the service offline. It brings part of it offline such as the store or account creation online play and login works for 95% of the times during the maintenance.

If hackers really want to bring down Xbox Live they will be able to do so. Xbox Live had it's fair share of being offline due to issues in the past. And X1 network wasn't free of issues so far either since the console launched.

OfficerDewey1538d ago

I had no downtime at all today . Try harder to find bs.

Stop finding ways to manipulate people with false information. Go play a game..Been on PSN all day.

Remember kids, Minecraft launched today, it had no preload or preorder. So , those certain players had problems for 1 hour. Other than that PSN was fine.

Just alot of eager beavers rushing a digital store but it takes a hour to update..Launched at 12pm people played it at 1pm..No problem unless your a fanboy.

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BattleTorn1538d ago


Prob just a slip, but I read it aaanndd

Funantic11538d ago

Excuses. Smh. PSN will have problems for sure just because it's PSN.

3-4-51537d ago is called Gaming Judgement...

Now they are trying to create another fake war.

Instant Lack of respect and credibility.

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Xsilver1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

who Cares About Destiny and PSN that's nothing can be fixed in a Day if it goes down now i wanna see how PSN handles Planet Side 2 with all those players. and they will be allot more people on the PS4 Version of Destiny so not really a fair contest but hey anything to start arguments and give sites clicks.

hkgamer1538d ago

planetside 2 has already been out and i think share same servers as pc. shouldnt have too much problems.

now back to destiny, i think they both will be struggling with the numbers, its safe to say that history has shown us that big online games will have massive queueing problems and need to wait hours before a session. or get kicked out and have to wueue again.

its really sad but it will be an accomplishment if everything goes smoothly.and if it doesnt then we are all not surprised.

now, for the console war fanboys, this will give you bragging rights for whichever system survives the destiny launch.

Volkama1537d ago

It's not just the game servers that matter. In fact those are no real comparison of Live and PSN at all where Destiny is concerned, because Destiny is played on Activision's servers.

It's the login servers and baseline services like parties and chat that should be scrutinised if you really want to pit Microsoft against Sony.

qwerty6761538d ago

both will probably have problems,

i dont think either will just outright crash though.


Prob Xbox will come ahead in this one, less people buying the game for Xbox One (i guess) and a more reliable network

OmegaShen1538d ago

Don't know, the beta crash Xbox Live and I'm sure that wasn't to many users.

TRD4L1fe1538d ago

it didn't crash XBL, just slowed it down, cause I had no issues downloading the beta it just took a long time

AngelicIceDiamond1537d ago

@Shen Sign in issues, slow downs and half broken party system.

It had annoying issues but it never went down.

thecowsaysmoo1538d ago

psn got hacked today for goodness sake.

Oago1538d ago

Like... 4 years ago unless you are talking about the DDoS which also hit Xbox.

Sheikh Yerbouti1538d ago

...looks to be another problems launching game. Happens. Gets fixed. Game on.

Kemo_Spear1537d ago

*sung to the tune of Rawhide*

Trolling, trolling, trolling.
Keep those fanboys trolling.
Trolling, trolling, trolling,
Dumb F**cksssssssssssss!

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