E3 Leak 2008: 14 Potential Spider-Man Game Concepts

via 1UP:

"Most readers probably don't need reminding at this point, but the numerous leaks that sprung this weekend from the website of marketing research firm Intellisponse are not necessarily all confirmed products. Since they are a research company, it's totally likely that some of these ideas are just concepts that they are testing to see if they might make good games in the future.

Case in point: this story from Kotaku, which lists a grand total of 14 different potential Spider-Man games in the works. It's highly unlikely that Activision is actually developing all 14 of these games, but there's a good chance some of them will see the light of day eventually -- in concept if not name.

Here's the full list of what's in the works, courtesy of Kotaku."

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Silogon3835d ago

97% of them will be on the DS and 100% of them will suck. End of story.

himdeel3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

...of this many different Spider Man games being "in the works" leaves me with one thought. Developers are potentially going to come up with 14 more ways to f-up one of my favorite super heroes in another craptastic game.

My Spidey Sense is ON FIRE!!

LostChild3835d ago

You were doing so good back in the Neversoft days with Spider-Man 1&2. After that, it was all down hill. You must have felt really bad when they had you team up with your own Villains to take down, umm... your own villains, instead of having someone like...Captain America or The Punisher helping you out. You can never get a break, even in the gaming world.

P.s. I bet you can't wait to see why Venom decided to go an a rampage and infect everyone in NY. I mean isn't that Carnage job. Oh boy.