How To Get Minecraft on Xbox One or PS4 for Only $5

Hardcore Gamer: Minecraft can be had at a substantial discount on Xbox One and PS4.

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ValKilmer1562d ago Show
incendy351561d ago

Used games are such a terrible thing for developers in so many ways haha. : (

Also everyone should read the first post. It isn't trolling, it is quite funny!

Palitera1561d ago

Indeed they surely would prefer if we couldn't trade bad or short games, removing value from the product and not lowering the price.

I already didnt buy DCUO for this scheme and probably won't support business in this direction as much as I can.

Soldierone1561d ago

Dangit.... I was so happy I didn't need to put in my disc to play it, and now that privilege will be gone when everyone exploits this..... :/

ForgottenProphecy1561d ago

yeah, it'd be too easy to borrow the disc from a buddy, or rent it, or buy it used from Gamestop and return it, then return it for full price. Very nice of Mojang, but it's much too easy to exploit like you said.

xX1NORM1Xx1561d ago

Minecraft has made so much money they don't need more XD but seriously they would have been better off adding a time limit like first month get it for £4 if u brought it last gen

paul-p19881561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

I can't read this link at work (stupid internet filter...), but on the EU Playstation Blog they've stated the free upgrade of the disc version only works if you played the game on PS3 before 28th August 2014. Therefore we can't just buy/borrow the disc now to get the cheap upgrade :(

Not sure if it's different for rest of the world, but I know I can't exploit it lol

EDIT: Link to EU Blog post

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The story is too old to be commented.