Australian Retailer Lists GTA V Release Date as 2015; Issues Apology for Delay

Big W, a branch of one of the leading retailers in Australia, has issued an apology regarding the release of Rockstar’s long-awaited remaster, Grand Theft Auto V. The apology states that, while they thought GTA V will release in November, the game actually comes out in Spring 2015.

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DarkOcelet1200d ago

Another delay to 2015 dammit . Wasn't there already a Rockstar game that will be released in 2015 ?

Crazyglues1199d ago

Oooooooh Nooo! I was so looking forward to playing this in Nov.

OMG! this burns..

||.........___||............ ||

BattleReach1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Nothing has been confirmed.

Yo Mama1200d ago

I hope not but I sincerely believe it's been pushed back:(

starrman19851199d ago

Didn't Rockstar issue a statement a few days ago saying it was still on track for this year? That would be pretty bad if they then delay it several days later!

Eonjay1199d ago

Don't believe everything you read online. The story seems sketchy at best. This is the weekly ad they are referring to.

When you select the product it still says releasing November.

And even if they did post some note in a store. The official confirmation still has to come from RockStar.

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Niv1199d ago

When it was rumored arkham knight was delayed, rocksteady cam out and denied it. A month later wen things quieted down the delay was announced.

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The story is too old to be commented.