The Sims 4: EA’s Supposed Anti-Piracy System Has Been Nullified

The Sims 4 “mosaic bug” is severely affecting the playability of the game for some players. However, the gaming community has already found a way to nullify this protection measure and restore a normal environment to the pirate copies.

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Codewow1534d ago

Soon the modders will have toddlers and pools back in the game too. :3

DxTrixterz1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Knowing current gaming developers habits they're possibly already in game files just waiting to be unlocked by paying money.

Kryptonite42O1533d ago

I wouldn't put it past them...
you know, normally I wouldn't support piracy, especially in the gaming industry, but part of me thinks EA kinda deserves it.

Senyra1534d ago

I think EA is keeping all the missing stuff for their expansions and charge 50-60$ each lol

fxa52091533d ago

EA is the evil of gaming, they deserve everything that happens to them, cant wait for the day when they go out of business for releasing games full with bugs.

Illusive_Man1533d ago

No developer should ever have their game stolen by piracy, bugs or not.

OculusRift1533d ago

Please explain how you steal a digital item. Don't worry, I'll wait.

1533d ago
Einhert1533d ago

NO gamer should ever have features taken out of a game and sold back to them in the next game.

Sorry but this is some good ol fashioned social justice.

Matt6661533d ago

I think games like Battlefield, The sims etc would do a lot a lot better if companies like Maxis & Dice would make the games themselves.

1533d ago
Lazyeye791533d ago

I'm against piracy for the most part, but when it comes to EA, pirate away. All they care about is money, so lets take that away and maybe their practices will change.