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likeaboss3023834d ago

however the previous 9x and some 8x cards are already tearing up the current game lineup as it is. There might not be a whole lot of reason to upgrade until we get more games outside of Crysis that can use the extra power. Hopefully these games will be better coded then Crysis.

Lethal_Venom3834d ago

Way to disappoint Nvidia, perhaps ATI will finally regain the crown.

Extreme_Coolcat3834d ago

In most games the GTX 280 is better or in the reach of the dual GPU card 9800 GX2. So I don't think that's very disappointing.

The only concerns are price and noise. The first is just a matter of time with RV770 based cards around the block. The latter? Mayne vendor cards with special designs are more quiet.

LiquifiedArt3834d ago

when i build a new computer.

solar3834d ago

eh. im not ready to spend that much on a card. as is my cpu will be a bottleneck for the 8800gt im going to be picking up soon. a small lil upgrade til windows 7 arrives. then major upgrade :D