Sony: PlayStation Now is a "Long-Term Journey"

Speaking at Cloud Gaming USA today, Sony's Jack Buser outlined details for the future and goals of PlayStation Now.

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luis_spartano1535d ago

I hope PS Now will be a huge fail.

If it succeed, probably we won't have PS5, as stated by Sony.

tinynuggins1535d ago

Can you elaborate on that or provide a link to reference?

ABizzel11535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Utterly ridiculous. The earliest a PS console will be able to be a Streaming only device would be the PS6, because South Korea is the only country in the world with a broad enough adoption rate of high speed internet to sustain 2k - 4k gaming which is what the PS5 should be capable of.

The US is just now getting connections that exceed 100 Mbps (1 Gbps for Google Fiber), but the adoption rate, distribution, and prices (Google is priced fairly) aren't enough to allow a fully streaming console to take over. And in 6 years not enough will have changed for that to take full effect.

PS Now will play a big role in the PS5, because I don't think Sony is ever going to focus on hardware based backwards compatibly unless it's effortless to implement, and PS Now will offer PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, and possibly PSVita compatibility through the PS5 up to 1080p (a 720p might be better for PS1, PS2, PSP, and PSVita games, since too much stretching & upscaling could hurt the image), and internet speed should be more than acceptable for streaming 1080p gaming content on a worldwide scale.

Death1535d ago

Backwards compatability allows you to take an existing game you own and play it in your new console. PSNow gives Sony the opportunity to allow gamers access to games they bought digitally that are tied to their accounts access on multiple devices at no additional charge. Ownership is guaranteed since game transfers are impossible. The biggest hurtle that keeps this from being backwards compatabilty is the fact Sony ignores ownership and charges for it.

PSNow, PSPlus, PlaystationTV, the ability to Access games on Sonys new line of HDTV's without a console and the push to turn Vita into a second screen all point to Sonys future where gamer rights and ownership are a thing of the past. There is more evidence that points to the PS4 being Sonys last console than there are indicating PS5 will ever ship.

Spotie1535d ago

Sony never stated that. What do we call this attempt to spread misinformation? Trolling?

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D-riders1535d ago

yeah i don't think thats whats gonna happen. The console space will always bet there because technology grows and your not gonna play vr through the internet. so hoping it fails is dumb. it grows the industry , especially when you can play from any device. playstation now doesn't have to be the biggest success, but think of it like this if the did decide to go console less. then another company will make one and hardware always will run beffer than streamed software.

mark3214uk1535d ago

you will see playstation now on your smart tv,s in the future it will be a great way to bring gaming to living rooms for people that cant afford to shell out £350 for a console

NxeonPwn1535d ago

Since PS now will come to Smart TVS and Vita along with PS3 this can really be a great way to get your fix on Backwards compatibility, as time goes on there will be a subscription fee with a small chance of downloading the game similar to EA access.

Magg31001535d ago

Streaming games is the future, but it is probably 10 years off and will be hard sell.

Austin481535d ago

Truthfully i think it would take 20 or more years for them to get far with streaming since its difficult to get good internet.

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