Xbox 360 getting $50 price cut Oct. 7th, new SKU outed

A leaked retailer ad reveals that the $299 250GB Xbox 360 SKU will get a make-over come early October with new bundled games and a bigger hard drive along with a lower price.

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ABizzel11502d ago

Just realized they're talking about the 250GB model. I was looking at the $179 price, and was thinking hasn't it been this price for the longest.

It's not bad for the 250GB, but at this point I think having the lowest price possible (4GB SKU) is the best way to sell off the last gen consoles.

4logpc1502d ago

$250 is still too much IMO. They need to drop the 4 gig model and just sell the 250 gig for $200.

Avalanche1502d ago

but then they can't sell that hard drive to parents who could only afford the 4gb for there kids last year.

Its a damn crime that they are allowed to rob people like that.

1502d ago
Avalanche1502d ago

only a moron would buy a new 360 or PS3. used ones are so much more cheaper now.

traumadisaster1502d ago

be sure to buy warranty or that will be pissed away

loopygames1502d ago Show
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