#GamerGate discredit gamers with its online abuse aimed at the industry

The social media campaign known as #GamerGate continues to "fight" for journalistic integrity in the video games industry, as it ramps up online abuse of game developers and critics.

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Beetey1533d ago

Unless you're looking for a good example of the straw man fallacy, I would suggest ignoring this article. Here is an example of its content:

"#GamerGate is nothing more than an attempt to make the medium as inclusive as possible, by attacking those who treat it as an art form."

"#GamerGate campaign was created by those seeking to rid the gaming world of "Social Justice Warriors," or people who dare to criticize a game for negative portrayals of sex and race. A criticism that's common in other mediums, but for some reason, is considered unjust and unimportant in the gaming community."

callahan091532d ago

Thanks Beetey. This article is BS. Nothing like a games journalist sending out a harsh criticism of the CRITICS OF GAMES JOURNALISM. This has the journalistic integrity of a political attack ad.

1532d ago
Menkyo1532d ago

Nice gaming media. #gamersgate

JusticeSoulTuna1532d ago

So after an entire controversy was created from the gaming media generalizing gamers, this article seeks to remedy that by...generalizing gamers? VERY CLEVER