Latest RetroN 5 Beta Firmware update Adds Fan Translation Patch Support

Now the value of Hyperkin’s retro gaming console has added in some new features with the latest Firmware V 2.0 Beta 1 which includes IPS patch support. This means that you can now add in fan made translation patches to many imported games that was not made with English in mind like so many Japanese role playing games. You can also add in custom graphics and levels as well.

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ThatArtGuy1533d ago

Now there's a feature that the original consoles can't do. Now players can buy foreign games without worrying about not being able to read them. Awesome.

crazysammy1533d ago

Ok now this is getting interesting!

Articuno761533d ago

Dear God... that thing is ugly as sin. But I was just in the market for a Super Famicom so I'll take a look.

ThatArtGuy1533d ago

The black one looks a little better, but harder to find in my experience.