Nyko Releases PS4 Intercooler

Hardcore Gamer: Nyko has created an intercooler for the PS4.

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ValKilmer1533d ago

Finally, my palms will no longer be sweaty from marathon sessions of Knack!

4logpc1533d ago

Do you play with your hands at the exhaust port on your ps4? Because thats the only way your comment would make a little bit of sense.

Hk85karlsson1533d ago


Wtf? Please, u made me laugh so hard I almost shit myself.

ValKilmer1533d ago

Clearly you've never played 15 hours of Knack in one sitting.

4logpc1533d ago


clearly you have no flipping idea what you are saying or what this product does.

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ValKilmer1533d ago

I play my PS4 in the back of a locked Escalade in my garage to escape the girlfriend. Things get very hot very quickly.

xJumpManx1533d ago

What... like the back of a Volkswagen?

ForNgoods1533d ago

Jumpman* I see what you did there.

CerealKiller1533d ago

I'm pretty sure you are talking about the airflow controller and not the intercooler.

PaleMoonDeath1533d ago

... Trying to figure this one out.

Loktai1533d ago

Im going to go out on a limb and say .... if you need this you're probably living in some tropical region.

madcowz641533d ago

Knock on wood but my PS4 has never really got that hot and I play it way too much. I can't even hear the fans it's glorious

CerealKiller1533d ago

I can't believe retailers actually carry this garbage when it is known to overheat and do harm to your console as well as void the warranty.

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