[email protected] Minecraft PS4 Review

Minecraft, you either love it or hate it. Some people love seeing their blocky friends in a blocky world, others just don’t get it. 16,582,376 people have purchased this game and now a lot more will re purchase or purchase the game for the first time on their PS4’s. Its simple but addictive gameplay has drawn many an unwary gamer into hours stuck in caverns looking for diamonds, escaping zombie hoards in the night or just trying to create the perfect master-piece out of square blocks to show off to the world.

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nucky641536d ago

I don't get it.........and I don't want to get it.

kratoz12091535d ago


It's not my type of game

Tiqila1535d ago

It's the Lego game that never was made but better. Everyone likes Lego!

3-4-51535d ago

Definitely buying this again for xb1.

Played it on 360 and was hooked for a while.

It's just fun to build your own world/town/village/land and see how it grows and expands over time.

It's just relaxing & I can actually focus for once while playing.

mixelon1535d ago

It's funny. We all know MC by now, the ps4 version is.. Incredibly similar to the PS3 one.

As far as i can tell sofar... Identical but with higher redraw distance, bigger maps and 1080p..

I'd still give it 9/10 too. XD