Thrustmaster VG TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter released for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and PC

The Thrustmaster VG TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter is now available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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aerisbueller1501d ago

Damn, I was hoping with a name like Thrustmaster it would be a wall mountable Fleshlight adapter to use with Move and Morpheus

Boody-Bandit1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

It was never available on Amazon and no other store even has it listed. So it's not technically available quite yet. I've been waiting on this shifter for months and have been checking daily for the past couple weeks wondering if someone would eventually have it in stock and ready for shipping.

Thrustmaster is doing a horrible job with this shifter and their pedals when it comes to supply and demand here in the states. Hopefully Fanatec will send me an invite to preorder their new CSW V2 that will be compatible with the PS4 and X1 so can sell off my Thrustmaster gear and be rid of them once and for all.

Crazyglues1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Seems weird that they released it like this, and $149 for just the shifter, I don't know about that price.

-just seems a little high, no?

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Boody-Bandit1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Its definitely over priced. I have it's twin brother the TH8RS and I'm on my 2nd one. For the same price you can purchase a Fanatec ClubSport shifter and it's built like a tank compared to this offering from Thrustmaster.

My CS shifter should be here the first week in October.

blakstarz1501d ago

I just hope they make the GT racing compatible with the PS4 as I have that with the Wheel Stand Pro and its just collecting dust at the moment.

Boody-Bandit1501d ago

The only wheels compatible with the PS4 as of now is Thrustmasters T500RS and T300. Fanatec is bringing out a wheel that will be compatible with the PS4 but it's uber expensive. The complete set will run you $1000 to $1200 dollars.