[Continue-Play]Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King Review

Continue Play's Brian Kale finally overcame the considerably difficult bosses of the newest DLC for Dark Souls 2. While the renewed focus on difficulty is welcomed, how does the Crown of the Old King measure up as part two of the Crown DLC Trilogy?

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HavenDan1535d ago

Damn this game seems hard. Too hard...

itisallaboutps1535d ago

I love dlc reviews!!! Companies are now throwing dlc for a quick buck. Reviews like these save me extra money for a new game every year.

On another note the sunken king crown was good, this one didn't look as good so I skipped it. Hopefully the last one is good

Magg31001535d ago

I really liked Sunken King, and it was a hard act to follow with its level design and how big it was. But Smelter Demon? Again?

It might be best to wait for a bundled version of the DLC, "Prepare to Die again, because we copied everything else from Dark Souls so we might as well copy the title."