Minecraft launch causes PSN errors, Sony responds

PSN is not functioning properly right now and according to Sony it has to do with the Minecraft launch.

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NovusTerminus864d ago

It's showing the game as $20 for me, even though I got the PS3 version... Anyone else having this issue?

Snookies12864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

I'm sure once this issue gets resolved, it should be reduced price for any that bought the PS3 one.

NovusTerminus864d ago

That's what I was assuming. Figured I'd just wait and see, off to play Mount & Blade for abit!

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Soldierone864d ago

I had the issue too. If you use your computer and just go to the store via internet then it will be listed as 4.99.

I can't figure out how to get the texture packs or game saves to transfer though. I have my saves in the cloud yet it says nothing is there. Texture packs won't download to Ps4 either. :/

PsylentKiller864d ago

I had the same problem. I called customer service a few times and finally I got someone who could give me a clear solution. I was told to buy it at full price, call customer service back, and they would give me a full refund back to my PSN account. Once that was done, I was told to go to Minecraft on the PS3 and save to the cloud. After all that, the price for Minecraft on the PS4 would change to $5.

This was for the disc version, mind you. I also have yet to do anything with the PS3 version as I am waiting for the money to go back into my account. It should take 3-5 business days. In the meantime, I still have full access to Minecraft.

I wonder if I got the game for free.

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Majin-vegeta864d ago

The only person that I can see being happy is notch >_>/Since everyone is buying his game

miyamoto864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

Sony is happy too because of licensing and of course sales.

I am happy too because I will get my PS Vita version FREE thanks to my PS THREE.

because I'm HAPPEE!

Maybe PSN is overloaded with traffic??

rmw2hot87864d ago

I don't think PSN servers will be able to handle Destiny's launch either. We'll see what happens tuesday.

InTheZoneAC864d ago

it's too bad people don't buy games based on what they bring to the table

Spinal864d ago

Destiny brings a lot to my table which consists of Fun Gameplay. Everything I want from a game.

But people who buy a game based on hype alone and haven't played or liked gameplay they've seen are completely idiotic.

mr233864d ago

My bubbles are going to take a hit for this, but I agree. When I tried to watch the E3 presentation on PS4, the network crashed over and over. When Destiny came out, we all saw what happened that day. That's when I decided to go with the Bone version. (Even giving up the exclusive content.)

RadioActiveTwinky864d ago

You must of not played the bone beta because when I did I had more problems with that version then the ps4 version. I honestly don't know why but I sure as hell did. I even had character file deletion on the bone. Again it was a beta so im not making a purchasing decision based on that.

I went with ps4 because I had more friends on that system then I do on the bone. Plus the extra content for me is a bonus and not the incentive.

k3rn3ll864d ago

Didn't have any problems with the bone version. Only it would sat your file was corrupted but all you had to do is hit continue. Mind you this was with the destiny dload app not the xbox store. Because bungie is dumb

peshkavusCA863d ago

lol you will get murdered. P.S. I will be getting this for PS4 so please don't shoot me PSfanboys please.

ShinMaster864d ago

They handled both Betas just fine.
XBL on the other hand...

DarkZane864d ago

PSN was fine during the beta. In fact, it's Xbox Live that crashed.

Don't assume PSN or XBL will work on launch day. When has a big multiplayer game like this launched and servers held up?

Diablo 3, crashed, SimCity servers went to hell too, even FFXIV had tons of problems at launch.

This game will have problems too. The stress test they did with the beta doesn't really mean much considering a lot more people will actually buy the game.

Redgehammer864d ago

II guess it depends on where you live, because XBL is up for me 99 %, and I'm online a minimum 15 hours a day. I've been a member since 2007, and I would rate the service superlative. Elements of XBL might go down occasionally, but very rarely the entire service, in my experience.

Cobra951864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

Similar experience here, Redgehammer. I've been on XBL since late '06. The outages and other problems over nearly 8 years were so few that I hardly remember them. Considering how much digital and online mean these days, even for single-player experiences, I just can't dismiss the nonsense going on lately with PSN. Sony must improve their infrastructure demonstrably, or I'm afraid I won't be able to join them, when I finally make my move to the new gen.

Salooh864d ago

Already pre ordered it . So it may not happen to it . Minecraft released as a surprise so it's normal to see huge amount of people to buy it at the same time. But still , they need to evolve psn since we are paying for it. I don't think anyone would deny this idea. Same goes for Live.

FanboyKilla864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

I seriously doubt it has anything to do with minecrft. Just a pr cover up. Didnt have an issue with destiny beta. How does minecraft bring you to your knees?

And yes you would be bashing xone if it was them. Lmfao, who you think you fooling? Look at you, bbbut xbl goes down all the time. If i was a psn faithful, i would hide my face when someone mentioned xbl, not bring it into the argument. Lol

Like wtf. How you gone down talk xbl, when its up and running, with its customers enjoying minecraft and the rest of their games? While you wait on sony to figure out wtf is going on, you say ahhh its nothing. Then you come here and hate on the console thats up and running. Lmfao

Didnt we just get a "update" to help "stability"? Then 3 days later, error error error. Sony:"uhhh minecraft did it." Dont you check what YOU put on YOUR system?

I pay YOU! Its not a games fault that what i pay you for is in shambles. Its yours, and yours alone.

Ps fanboy rant in 3. 2. 1.

@gootimes actually i think psn and xbl have more users on them than just ps4 and xone. Nice try. No, really it wasnt.

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brandonb21864d ago

you are right im paying for a service that has been going down allot lately, but you sir need to go back into your cave your trolling every Sony article atm

GiggMan864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

Hey I'm all for free who would disagree with that. Xbox Live (the one that started this all) should be free too.

Edit. And now it's working. They were just waiting on Ksar to complain.

Death864d ago

I have no problem paying for online gaming. $50 a year to have a seamless online experience is well worth it in my opinion. PSPlus is a game rental or subscription service. While it was implied that Sony was going to invest in the servers to make it more like Live, so far that isn't what has happened. The PS3's online service which is free has been more stable.

98xpresent864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

That's why psn sucks

And yes I changed my comment

gootimes864d ago

It's funny how nobody complained like this with the Destiny beta causing hours of outages on XB1, it didn't even have much of a problem on PSN.

But PSN goes down and it is garbage, and XBL is seamless, and Sony needs to invest!! funny.

Sony is investing actually, openstack. And XBL only has to handle 5 mil people, PSN has to handle 10 million, with huge growth monthly, that means you can actually find people online to play with also...

rebeljoe14864d ago

It is free you tard, it's PS+ that cost money

bub16864d ago

Then why do you pay to play online? Can you provide evidence of Sony saying this. I heard it was to improve server cos other shiZ

SlyFoxC864d ago

@bub16 all free to play online games do not require PS+ to play online. Just a side note.

chobit_A5HL3Y864d ago

all online gaming services should be free.

BX81864d ago

Lol 14 people disagreed? Last gen it was a blessing to be free this gen hells no we don't want it free. Lmao

BlackWolf12864d ago

Any issues stemming from PSN's quality is BECAUSE it has been free for the past 10 years.

"Oh this service is terrible, it should be given for free! That will definitely make the quality better!"

illogical statement #1

MetaReapre864d ago

I agree. Ps3's online play was free so I don't think ps+ should have been necessary. Now regardless of this I was a ps+ member prior to the ps4 came out because I liked the free game system and is a good deal, however not all people would see it that way and want to pay for it.

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