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PS4 VS Xbox One Launch Event in picture's

We all know that the Xbox One Launch in Japan was not that great, In fact it was a little humiliating for Microsoft, but we gamers like it to compare the Both launches in pictures. (PS4, Xbox One)

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xHeavYx  +   235d ago
And this is why you don't release a console where you won't sell units. You invest that money in games/studios
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xXSilentXx  +   235d ago
actually i feel sorrow for Microsoft. This was harsh to stand with
Magicite  +   235d ago
I feel sorry for retailers.
gfk342  +   235d ago | Funny
I posted the same comment in another post with a similar article. Sorry for repeating the comment, but this is GOLD, trust me!

Here is the link to the xbox one Japan release... and because no one showed up, they photo shopped the forza 5 downgraded crowed members into the area...but Yusuf Mehdi thought it was realll..

xXSilentXx  +   235d ago

OMG that was a great one hahahaha OMG
Ron_Danger  +   235d ago
Anyone else curious how MS will unleash their PR spin on this? I'm guessing terms like "shipped" and "numbers" will be used in the same sentence
choujij  +   235d ago

Probably some PR BS similar to this:

"The Xbox brand continues to see growth in other major markets. This week we proudly debuted Xbox One in Japan, which saw not only gamers from all over the country purchasing Xbox One consoles from their respective local retailers, but also a strong demand from our online retail partners.".

OT: I can't believe how several of the same locations which had long line-ups for PS4, didn't have anyone for the Xbone. O_O
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GamerWIP  +   235d ago
today MS announces they sold "cough" I mean shipped 1,000.000 xbone in 24 hours in japan. XD
timlot  +   235d ago
"actually i feel sorrow for Microsoft. This was harsh to stand with"

Feel sorrow for Microsoft? Xbox is a side project for MS. They make for profit in one quarter than Sony makes in a year.
CaptainObvious878  +   235d ago

O wow, that is absolutely gold. I fell on the floor.

I actually do feel sorry for MS at this point. I didn't think that was possible.
BitbyDeath  +   235d ago
It is a side project and one that is not going very well for MS.

If MS shipped 5.5M total and 3.9M was from last year that is just 1.6M this entire year. (Shipped)

Now at EOY 2013 the difference between shipped vs sold was 900K or 3M vs 3.9M.

Meaning if we take 900K away from 1.6M, MS sold 700K worldwide this year.

With numbers like that it is not surprising that Japan may only add on a few hundred more.
UltraNova  +   234d ago
Ok setting aside the fact that its xbox releasing in Japan I'm pretty sure this was THE worst console launch in the history of gaming and quite possibly electronics product as well. In a 130 million people country no less...

Jesus we need to find stronger words than ugly and embarrassing, they simply don't cut it here...
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PinkCrocodile75  +   234d ago
It was harsh but to be honest I agree with xHeavYx.

There was no point in launching in Japan.

The Japanese consumer electronics market death grip they once had has been wiped away.

Now its pretty much the equuivalent of covering the UK launch events.

Apart from JRPG's (which I have no interest in) I can't see what Japan has that any other country doesn't have.

Microsoft, just cut Japan out of the release schedule, withdraw all support for Japan, build / aquire more studios and focus on the rest of the world. Japan just isn't important anymore
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pwnsause_returns  +   234d ago
what death grip? they never had one over there to begin with.... what they did over there is pay for exclusivity and marketing on the xbox 360 over there.. thats not going to help you over there.

Lost Odyssey was possibly the only good thing that came out of MS... Again....They dont want to throw money towards internal studios. sure they worked with 3rd party studios, but the way they did Lost Odyssey is the same way Sony is working with FROM SOFTWARE right now for Bloodborne.

if they wanted to be successful over there they had to start at the base. thats a market thats hard to grab because:

1. its the Japanese market. you have to appeal to them in order to get acceptance. of course they are going to side with Sony. and hell, Sony has delivered quality over there over the years.

2. Internal Studios. You need them over there. you have to make your own game so that you can susatain relevance over there. they dont want to do that.

theres so much other stuff i would say here. but those are minor... those things ive mentioned above are the major reasons why they did not succeed.

you dont just throw money and get these companies to flock at you, sooner or later its gonna turn on you.

Sony kinda realized this when they launched the PS3. they knew devs, especially Japanese devs where not going to give them the good exclusively to them, so they dumped money on what they believe has more value, internal studios.
Death  +   234d ago
This is expected from Microsoft in Japan. Comparing launches is interesting. What's more interesting is it took 6 months of sales in Japan to match opening day sales in Japan which were only 300k to begin with. Consoles sales in Japan are bad all around with the WiiU winning in sales with less than 10k a week.
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Illusive_Man  +   235d ago
They have like 6 new game studios. What are you talking about? They launched in Japan because they felt the need try again, not because they thought they'd actually win. Microsoft is a multi - billion dollar corporation, so I'm sure they tabulated the odds of success. Speaking of success, their definition may not be just sell X number of consoles. Maybe success is just doing better than the 360 or courting a few developers who might actually be interested in something not Sony or Nintendo.
SoapShoes  +   235d ago
Well I would hope they don't have intentions of doing better than the 360 because that's not happening as of now.
geddesmond  +   235d ago
The truth is MS will never do as good as the 360 in Japan if you would call the 360 good in Japan. Companies can never erase their history with people in a region and for MS at the start of the 360s life in Japan they supported it but then left them very high and dry.

Why would anyone in the region support them unless they had many games that caters to their tastes. I don't see MS whith much of that. I did see Sony a few days ago however announce many games for the Japanese crowd. Bloodeborn for one.

I don't care what anyone says but that game is gonna win GOTYs next year and its exactly what the Japanese want that doesn't involve women in school outfits. BLOODEBORNE is gonna be a huge PS4 seller in Japan. Like half a mil consols huge.

I had to add. Would anyone buy a PS4 or X1 in the west if most of there games catered to the Asian market. Thats why consoles don't sell like they used to over. Not enough games that cater to their culture and likes.
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ABizzel1  +   235d ago
This is awful. Well once again these remaining months will be very telling for the XBO. If things don't pick up for them in the other countries they release in for September - December, then it's going to be a rough generation for them, until people start looking for a second console.
xXSilentXx  +   234d ago
indeed :)
Pogmathoin  +   234d ago
And if they do not launch in these territories, you will say they do not care about gamers.... Typical comment from you.....
D-riders  +   234d ago
Traditionally ms is doing everything right.from a business stand point. But from the gaming standpoint and entertainment industry they arent
AndrewLB  +   234d ago
I guess nobody took the time to check out the metadata on those photos. The PS4 photos were taken during the event in the afternoon around 4-5pm. The Xbone photos were taken before the event took place, at like 11am.

Once again, gullible people got manipulated like fools. :)

and FYI, i'm not claiming the Japanese launch was a success or anything. But the facts are even your own PS4 Fanboy website reported that Xbone pre-orders for the Day 1 console were sold out months ago. http://www.dualshockers.com...

Regardless... The only good day the PS4 had in Japan was on day 1. Sales have been horrible ever since. They're only moving like 5,000/week right now, which is not good. This is all the result of Japan moving to mobile devices and handhelds.
Gamer1982  +   234d ago
"And this is why you don't release a console where you won't sell units. You invest that money in games/studios " most intelligent thing i read all day on n4g.
Walker  +   235d ago
Microsoft in their territory (US) are far behind PS4 and now they released xbone in sony's territory ! the consequence is obvious ! :/
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xXSilentXx  +   235d ago
The Xbox 360 did it not that bad at launch

Related image(s)
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SoapShoes  +   235d ago
Yeah but it was a better system than the XDone.
tuglu_pati  +   235d ago
Not to mention that consoles overall are not doing well in Japan.
choujij  +   235d ago
The original Xbox reportedly sold 123,929 systems at launch in Japan.

Of the 159,000 shipped, the Xbox 360 sold 62,135 during it's launch in Japan.

Source: http://www.gamespot.com/art...

Wanna hazard a guess at how many the Xbone sold?
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KarmaV12  +   235d ago
It's funny because imagine how large the Asian population has grown in the U.S. over the past years since the 360 launch. Obviously this contributes a lot to sales in the U.S.
llxKonanxll  +   235d ago
Obvious fail is obvious. Microsoft, why bother? I almost feel bad for them.
Ninver  +   235d ago
Keyword here is almost. Gamers haven't forgotten what they tried to pull. An omen that will haunt MS for the whole generation I'm afraid.
nosferatuzodd  +   234d ago
me too almost feel bad almost lol
TripC50  +   235d ago
Show the Wii U line
SoapShoes  +   235d ago
It also had lines but PS4 launch was much larger being the 3rd largest in Japan history.
Concertoine  +   235d ago
Its crazy how well it launched and then how quickly it dropped. Sony and Nintendo need to push their consoles, if Japanese devs dont have the install base to make a profit then they'll continue to switch to handhelds and mobiles. Rising development costs wont help either.

I know the Japanese games are coming but they can't come soon enough.
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AndrewLB  +   234d ago
You sure about it being the 3rd largest? Regardless, the fact remains that PS4 sales immediately tanked after the launch and have been poor ever since. In fact, the PS4's second week was the worst in recent history for a new system.


And perhaps some of you are forgetting, Preorders of the Xbox One Day-1 Edition have been sold out for months.

Tito08  +   234d ago
@AndrewLB- And the question for you is, how many of those day 1 editions were in stock? This is obviously talking about one retailer which in that case is a small independent business, you're just trying to damage control and make it sound bigger than it really, still not good.
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ShowanW  +   235d ago
Why is anyone shocked about this?

MS is basically non-existent in Japan.
Lionalliance  +   235d ago
Is just way to sad to see this lol
d_g  +   235d ago
japanese people don't like even beast AAA games (gears of war,uncharted ,assassin's creed,gta...) -_- and microsoft &sony care about them
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Clarence  +   235d ago
These pictures say it all. It's going to be a uphill battle for the xbone in Japan.
GreenRanger  +   235d ago
Microsoft will be fine.

All they have to do is BO-LIEVE!
patrik23  +   235d ago
poor micro
its_JEFF  +   235d ago
Whew... that's gotta be tough to take for Microsoft, but that's Japan. They seem to be "over" console gaming. PS4 did much better at launch, but it's now just doing "okay" if that even.

To those saying why launch in Japan, why not? You can't just leave a market because you're currently not selling there, Things can change in an instant. Do you know what's big in Japan right now? Pancakes, yea... Pancakes. Last year pancakes were just meh, this year, its blowing up. There are new pancake places opening left and right.
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retro_   235d ago | Trolling | show
voicingofreason  +   235d ago
Are all those people that keep harping on about xbone sales going to stop now. Finally they might realise that although it wasn't in so many territories it was released in its strongest territories. Where it was still outsold.
KirbysDump   235d ago | Offensive
Quicktim3  +   235d ago
ok we get it, this should be a surprise to no one.

do we really have to keep beating a dead horse.
stuna1  +   234d ago
Now it's a dead horse after the fact! When mere weeks ago it was gitty up gitty up.
Ra3030  +   234d ago
Now that comment was funny!......wasn't Microsoft riding the they sold more consoles because their in more countries horse just yesterday? They been riding that horse for 2 months telling everyone " we'll close the sells gap starting in September when we launch in every country in the world". Lol I think most gamers would agree that you would call the Microsoft Japan launch an EPIC FAIL!
And of-course Microsoft next week will be riding the "we sold 2million to retailers in Japan at launch" and American media will repeat that as "Microsoft closes the sales gap on Sony" .
Not even the used car salesman Phil Spencer talk this launch into a success. But he'll do his best touting those "we shipped" numbers.
I wonder when Microsoft will start buying their on console so they can boost their sales numbers? I also wonder how many more huge blows those shareholders are going to take before they can't take anymore? Microsoft spent millions on the Japan 24hr side show party and for what? They laid a egg that was not golden for sure. Now giddy on up!
MasterCornholio  +   235d ago
Looks like the PS4s launch went a lot better to me. I'm really not surprised that Microsoft had a horrible launch with the XB1 in Japan. It would be foolish to assume they would do better than either Nintendo or Sony in Japan.
Predaking77  +   235d ago
This is bad for the image and popularity of the x1. MS should has opted to evade this embarrassment.
Sir_Simba  +   235d ago
Miccrosoft wont do well in Japan but they cannot ignore it either
OUROSMAG  +   235d ago
Damn that's gotta be tough to swallow.
Der_Kommandant  +   235d ago
Far exceeded my expectations
kydrice  +   235d ago
Ok that first photo taken at night with that Hitachi sign, I totally thought was a screenshot from a videogame using the Fox engine or something. My lines of reality are becoming blurred..
snookiegamer  +   235d ago
I may own a PS4, but still I feel bad for gaming, let alone Xbox One. Whether you disagree or not, we all needed Xbox One to have a degree of launch day success in Japan.

The home console market is dire there right now. Xbox One having a reasonable launch in the far east would have had good perception value.

Oh well......
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BitbyDeath  +   234d ago
Better if it was sold off to someone else IMO.
Nothing wrong with Xbox just the owners themselves who need to go.
Kingdomcome247  +   234d ago
Not all of us are like some of these guys. I'm a Sony guy at heart, but enjoy my first Xbox console which is the Xbox One. We have a Ps4 in my house, and I will be buying a second one as my personal in the next month. I, really wish people didn't just lump people together and pass judgement because of a few bad apples. Okay more than a few... you get my point.
SynestheticRoar  +   235d ago
Microsoft PR people have to spin the $hit out of this.
Scark92  +   234d ago
The cringe is too much!
quiddd  +   234d ago
They'll probably say wait till XBox arrives in China........I mean(insert new territory here)
kratoz1209   234d ago | Trolling | show
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   234d ago
What's the difference between kicking a dead horse and river dancing on it? How is this anything but something to laugh at for some of you Michael Flatley's out there?
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