Relive Silent Hills/P.T Horror With These Edited In-Game Screens, Shows Lisa With Scary Smile & More

At GamesCom 2014, Hideo Kojima admitted that graphics/visuals in Silent Hills/P.T were toned down. If that was the case, we can expect final build graphics/visuals to look close to these edited screenshots.

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MasterCornholio1563d ago

And I can't beat the demo dang it no matter which guide I use.


harrisk9541563d ago

What point do you get to before you get stuck? Do you hear the first baby cry and can't get the second?

aCasualGamer1562d ago

Same here, i hear the second laughter from the child, but nothing ever happens. I walk around for aprox. 40-45 minutes without anything new happening, i just keep hearing the breathing on the phone but nothing else happens.

On topic,

the scariest part about Lisa is how tall she is, and her casual stance.

Forn1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

This one works...

1.)  Wait for the clock to strike midnight.  After the haunting ends, walk 10 steps to trigger the first laugh.

2.)  Wait for another haunting to start.  Near the end of the haunting, after Lisa stops crying, but before the haunting is over, whisper "Jarith" into the microphone.  It will take 5-10 seconds for the voice recognition of P.T. to register that you whispered it correctly.  This should trigger the second laugh.  If not, wait for another haunting and try again.  (Note: The Grate Debate was able to get this to work 30 times in a row)

3.)  After the 2nd laugh the controller should start to vibrate shortly.  When it does, stand perfectly still, and continue to stand still until you hear the third and final baby laugh.  Soon afterwards, the phone will begin to ring.  Zoom in on the phone until you hear "You've been chosen".  Then leave by exiting the hallway as normal to trigger the ending teaser.

Please note, you don't have to trigger the 10-step laugh first and then the whisper.  You can trigger the whisper laugh first and then the 10 steps if you like.  Just make sure that the 10 steps come after the haunting ends.  And make sure not to try any of it until after the clock strikes midnight.

It worked the first time I tried it.

NBT911563d ago

You're tearing me apart Lisa!

Loved PT, great mix of horrible "something bad is about to happen" feeling with well placed jump scares.

ab5olut10n1563d ago

why god, why does she have to look like my ex-wife?

Noba1563d ago

Let's hope they don't forget about Pyramid Head when the new game comes out.

RustInPeace1563d ago

While I understand everyone's love of Pyramid Head, I can't get past that no one understands that PH was a manifestation in James's head ONLY. That is why he is not in any other "main" game (1,3, and 4, which is where I stopped. No Team Silent, no Silent Hill), and one of the few gripes I had with the first Silent Hill movie (albeit being the best videogame-movie adaptation Hollywood did/will ever do.)


Only few people understand the real meaning of Silent Hill and all its messages.

solidt121563d ago

no bring a new character scarier than pyramid head into the Silent Hills game.

Matt6661563d ago

how can anyone be scarier then pyramid head considering he can only be killed if he kills himself.