Owl City Should Create A Video Game Soundtrack

From Gamers Sphere: "Today, I’d like to share with you another artist that I would love to see enter the gaming realm as part of my “…Should Create A Video Game Soundtrack” series. For the second installment, we look to the one and only Owl City. Though Owl City is not regarded as one of our time’s greatest musicians, his music is quirky, lively, and can bring on waves of different emotions. Let’s dive in and see why I would love to see Owl City work on a gaming soundtrack."

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3-4-51565d ago

If it's Instrumental.....yes

I'd rather not hear him WHINE for 45 minuets though.

Makes solid MUSIC though, but the vocals always turn me off.

Solid artist though.....I just wish I liked his voice better.

1566d ago
Gravity_DoGG1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Is this, show your favourite artists site?

NO... this is NEWS FOR GAMERS -.-...

ChickeyCantor1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

So video game music composers aren't a thing?


If they write music for a game? Yeah definitely. By definition a video game composer is someone who composes music for video games ( it's not hard to grasp ).

That's my whole point. Music is an integral part of games. And a composer is a composer no matter what.

Blacktric1566d ago

Is Owl City a videogame music composer?

Gravity_DoGG1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

@Cancer chicken.

He just make music, then some developers could use his songs. but then all music artist is video game music composers, right? like The Game, Michael Jackson, and ABBA. No way :-)

ChickeyCantor1566d ago

" The Game, Michael Jackson, and ABBA. No way :-)"

If they write directly music for the game, YES.

That's what the article is implying.

boyscout2991566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Exactly. If one would simply read the article's title, they would see that I would love to see OC CREATE a soundtrack for gaming. Not for a game to use some of his already recorded music (though I used examples of how his songs fit with some games for reference)

Gravity_DoGG1565d ago

But he is talking about how he wants him to make music for games. not that hes does make music for games. come on, this don't belong here. If he was making music right now for a game then ok. BUT HE ISN'T !

Starbucks_Fan1566d ago

It might work. Depends on the type of game. Not for something like COD obviously.

FaSCoRP1566d ago

He has amazing tracks and beatiful tunes. I will really enjoy anything game related made by him.

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