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The Sims 4 takes one step forward but two and a half steps backwards. Here is Den of Geek's review of The Sims 4.

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Codewow1564d ago

I'm not always fond of reviews and when I look at the metacritic site for Sims 4 and see a 3.7 user score and 70 meta, it pains me to see how little of time people take to play the game before reviewing. The user score of course, doesn't count for crap because of the bogus reviews and troll 10/10s, but the Critic reviews are also poorly done. Please take the time to play the game, review every aspect, and then go back through and review it again to see if you missed something or you need to change your opinion on it slightly.

MRMagoo1231564d ago

My wife got the collectors edition yesterday and I watched her play it , she has been playing the Sims games since the first one and she seems pretty happy with it. Imo they did the typical EA thing and left things out so as to milk dlc but the game is still really well done, I myself would give it a 7/10

Vladplaya1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

There is a problem with people who play every release of a specific game. They settle into mentality that they have to play every release of that game. They simply don't care if new game is good or bad, because its a new release of a game that they have played for years and therefore they will still play it.

Compared to people who are no attached to a specific game so much, so if new release happen to suck, they see that it sucks and simply go play different game, instead of been all like, "well this new game is not as good, but I have played every single one of these so far, so I guess I will just settle for what it is and get use to it"

Eonjay1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

IGN is doing a "Review in Progress" where they give updates but haven't rendered a verdict. Its not looking stellar so far. The literally just give an update. You can check it out here.

There is also a video commentary.

Codewow1563d ago

That's the review I am paying attention to just to see the differences right now.

KingOfOldSkool1564d ago

So you're pretty much saying the lower the initial score, the more the critic is obligated to go back and skim for extra credit to pad it? The funny part is that courtesy of the unacceptably long list of dissected features, any critic actually following that logic would probably find more reasons to lower the score than add to it.

Codewow1563d ago

Not extra credit. Because if need be they could lower their initial score. I'd say put in about half a week into a single game before any review is made. The only exception being if the game is simply and completely unplayable.

Upstate89871564d ago

I've put in over 12 hours to review the Sims 4.