360 Gems: Bioshock

Whether you're a 360 launch day veteran or a newcomer who picked up the console to play one of the many blockbuster titles that have graced the system over the past 6 months, chances are there are more than a few classic games that slipped under the radar whilst you were diligently beavering away at Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4.

But don't panic, as here at GV we're digging up jewels from the rough to ensure that you can make the most of the somewhat sparse summer release schedule by catching up with some of the best titles you've missed so far...

This time, turn up the speakers and fire up your brain: It's time to delve into the dark depths of Bioshock...

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butterfinger3804d ago

Bioshock in October, hopefully, on my PS3:)

iHEARTboobs3804d ago

As i'm sure it'll also be a gem on the PS3.

Jam_sponge3804d ago

Absolutely guys, you've got one hell of a game to look forward to! :)

Nevers3804d ago

Really? Not this year. My wallet is already spittin' fire at me... but Bioshock is an insanely GREAT game. My dad is on his second playthru and he loves it. Kinda wierd to call him up and hear that he's killin' some Big Daddies on Father's Day haha

boyo3804d ago

Great article! Agreed with every bit!

Oh man I love BIoshock... My personal fave bit is in the room with the water and mannequins in it, at Fort Frolic.

That bit was scary!

Denocao3804d ago

Good thing the best 360 games will end up on PCs someday.
That's one of the reasons the 360 is a big waste of money.