Editorial: Why Campers Ruin the Multiplayer Experience

VGRHQ tackles a common issue in the realm of competitive multiplayer: Campers. Here’s why they tend to ruin the fun for all serious players.

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Codewow1559d ago

But it's a legitimate strategy. You don't see Russia running and gunning in Ukraine like Rambo, do you? Maybe this wasn't the best example...

imahustla191558d ago

It depends on the game type. if im playing Team Deathmatch i take it slow, move from place to place as i make my way across the map. if im playin Search and rescue yea ima camp it up a lil, thats kinda the point of the game to defend your bomb. one thing i wont ever do though is IED up a room and sit there. i love it when other people do though cuz i just blow um up with their own IED's.