First Impression: Destiny: Dust Palace Mission Will Test Your Fire Squad To The Max

Dust Palace looks to be a mid-to-large open play environment filled with loads of intricate exterior objects, and winding tight level corridors, great for both short and long range co-op gunplay.

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brettjones4941535d ago

This really reminded me of Halo, especially the guys with the big shields.

edwardhuff6631535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

This is just torture, can we please get this game already!!!

EdnaJones971535d ago

I still don't get all the hype for this game seriously. It just looks like another FPS, but with better graphics.

charliewong9801535d ago

Did you play the beta? I wasn't sure what to expect first cause a few friends kept comparing it to borderlands, but its actually a lot more fun once you factor all the things you can do from customizations of character to weapons and gear.

MGSmarioPRO1535d ago

The gameplay is just amazing, i can tell that i don't remember playing a full game so much time like i did on this beta.

PONTIAC08G8GT1535d ago

I'm buying it cause it will be fun, but I don't think the hype is justified. It's a FPS with RPG elements, co-op ability, and a loot basically Borderlands but not a cartoon setting.

Personally the multiplayer I thought was horrible. Everyone driving around in vehicles, using virtually the same weapons, just felt like an afterthought.

SoapShoes1535d ago

@EdnaJones97 - That's what I thought about Halo when it came out but people flocked to it for some reason. Now it's funny how people will call this another FPS but Halo isn't somehow...

Johnsonparts231535d ago

gameplay is top notch, controls are tight and the amount of stuff you can do is amazing. Add to that the incredible amount of loot you can go for and it is far from just another FPS.

Battlefieldlover1535d ago

I don't get all the hate the game is getting from a vocal minority (many of whom never even played the beta) who just can't stop being party poopers.

We played the beta, we loved the beta, now we are excited to get the whole game. If you didn't like it, fine, but why try and get people to justify their purchase to you?

Loktai1534d ago

+1 on thinking its going to be pretty fun. It looks like this is a whole bunch of YAYs vs one nay.... I think the sales will speak for the sentiment and the servers will stay full for a good while after as long as they keep the content coming!

PONTIAC08G8GT1534d ago


Halo was truly a next gen game. Enemies were smart, the multiplayer (although local) was amazing, the introduction of all the vehicles, the epic story, and graphics (at the time) were excellent. Was it a FPS? Yea, but so was the original Doom and a host of other games but you wouldn't compare them to Halo.


I played the BETA, it was fun but not mind blowing.
"If you didn't like it, fine, but why try and get people to justify their purchase to you?"
No one is trying to justify buying the game to anyone. It's an opinion the guy had that it was overhyped and I'm in the same boat with him. I'm still buying it but I won't take off from work and order 15 pizza's and sit inside my house all day playing with myself cause the game gets me so excited lol

spicelicka1534d ago

Well that's the thing, it LOOKS like just another FPS, but when you start playing it slowly and slowly sucks you in. It's not easy to explain unless you experience it for yourself. I mean you can make that comment about any game pretty much, it's not a movie where you can just look at it and decide if it's good.

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alvinmiller921535d ago

Five more days to go and counting down baby :)

-Foxtrot1535d ago

"The Dust Palace Strike mission is a specialized two player co-op campaign set in Mars, where you and two friends come together to work as a team to push back a strong hold of military cabal"

Couldn't they of done a one for single player gamers, I mean I know it's an MMO but since they are giving people the option to play it solo you would think there would be options ot play them by yourself. All they need to do is reduce the enemy health or give you more advantages.

henrythomas2841535d ago

This what i think might turn most single player gamers off. not everyone has friends they can connect with to play MMO missions like this and honestly some people online can be really mean to noobs.

I am a FPS Boss, but i do understand when inexperienced gamers feel intimidated for dropping the ball.

I can see this being one of those missions that will be intense like that.

lisamorgan41535d ago

A lot of FPS players tend to intimidate lesser players. I usually just turn on the mute button to silence people cursing.

danniellelewis1535d ago

This level can't be accessed until you are a level 18 Guardian, i would hope by then u would know how to point and shoot a target.

-Foxtrot1535d ago

I understand this is the type of game they set out to make but the thing is it seems Bungie is trying to target all audiences, but in doing so they do stuff like this "2/4 players MAX" which reduces the amount of stuff single player gamers can do in the game

It wouldn't be that hard to design these missions around single players, in fact if you do it by yourself you should be rewarded better for being a lone survivor who didn't need no help.

It's not that people don't have friends and they are bill no mates...what about if your friends can't get on the same time as you, or you work mornings so when you come in late at night all your friends are in bed. You might be off and your friends at work/college, then you have people who might not of made the jump to next gen or they might have a different console altogether.

Developers think we all can get online together when ever we want like those cheesy adverts which show groups of players playing perfectly together with such skill and coordination...when it reality it's not like that

rdgneoz31535d ago

@Foxtrot The game has match making for the 3 player missions (wish they would do it for 6 player raids. MMOs like WoW or FFXIV have it, though they have actual chat windows...). If your friends can't get on, you'll still be able to get into the mission.

Also, anyone else notice the quote above about Dust Palace?

"two player co-op campaign set in Mars, where you and two friends"

So a three player co-op map...

mogwaii1535d ago

I dont give a shit, im a good fps player but if someone "drops the ball" oh well, its just a game and its meant to be fun, if i dropped the ball and someone had a go at me id tell them to kiss my arse and get over it.

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henrythomas2841535d ago

Fair point, I actually hate those staged cheesy commercials. LOL @Bill No Mates

I do sometimes join open COD and Battlefield Tournaments with randoms, but i know i can hold my now corner. I guess if you are not a sharp shot, the feeling can be a little daunting.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1535d ago

Can be played with 1-3 players

GiggMan1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I kind of dislike the fact that everything now days has to be online, even co-op. Gaming should be about fun but you're right, some people take it to seriously.

I'm getting the PS4 version at launch and if you or anyone else want to partner up send me a PM and I'll add you.

xavierbigdaddy19721535d ago

PSN ID IS THEREALDEAL2. If you want to roll on Destiny

GiggMan1535d ago

Will add shortly. My ID is the same as my N4G name.

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patelsanjeed1535d ago

Don't those guys with the shields look like hunters? Its practically the same enemies.

gangsta_red1535d ago

Yea, I thought the same thing. I'm really starting to think the Bungie devs are a one trick pony and are unable to shake the Halo frame of mind.

amyortega1311535d ago

you would be surprised how many times developers accidentally use some of the same designs from previous games.

Battlefieldlover1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I get the whole halo thing... but to me this entire game screams star wars...and in such a good way.