Lack of online influenced Sony decision to cancel Eight Days

DEVELOP: In our exclusive interview with Shuhei Yoshida, the new head of Sony Worldwide Studios has admitted that Sony's increasing move towards online-supported games lead to the cancellation of its London Studios' Eight Days.

Two weeks ago it emerged that two London Studios big-budget PS3 games, The Getaway and Eight Days, had been cancelled.

Yoshida was appointed as Phil Harrison's replacement as head of Sony Worldwide Studios earlier this year.

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Silogon3830d ago

The end of gaming as we know it has begun. Sorry to say. Even if all it would've been was deathmatches and capture the flag, by god we need it so people can leave it alone and not play it.

This is probably the last year for gaming as we all know it. It is changing into something I simply don't like and slowly refuse to support.

Vojkan3830d ago

OMG you are so annoying POG. First of single play isnt going anywhere. Uncharted, ratchet, and billion of other games say hi! With all due respect for London Studios (team soho) they only made mediocre games in the past. Getaway 1 was okey, but not GTA killer as it was hyped, Getaway 2 was JUNK. And rest of their games were mediocre(check gamerankings). So most likely Sony invested a lot of money, development was slow and not progressive, so smart move and only move was to cut production and put that money in something else. That simple. Its not like God of War 3 got cancled. Some unproven IP called 8 days is canceled, o big deal.

DarK-SilV3830d ago

Look at the games ,alot of them have a short or a short crap single player and that’s not good for the people who don't play online

juuken3830d ago

I actually wanted to see more of Eight Days.
Oh well.

NO_PUDding3829d ago

Agreed as well.

I played a bit of multiplayer, and I like the PSN Store, but I want Single Player experiences! Uncharted was awesome, and GTA4 didn't do any better with it's crappy multiplayer. Resistance 2... is meh! Halo 3 is meh!

I want single player experiences. Hopefully Team ICO can still deliver that, if this bloody buffoon Yoshida doesn't mess that up.

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Milky3830d ago

Well it is probably because it cost a hell of alot to produce.

anh_duong3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

i think sony made a mistake in caning both these titles.. brutal economics but give me a hardcore game such as the getaway then casual games any day

Vojkan3830d ago

Dude since when was Getaway big game? Like i said Getaway one was okey, Getaway 2 was a joke. look at reviews if you have not played games.
Sony was throwing money on those IPs for 3 years, most likely saw that it will take them 2 or 3 more years to deliver decent games and decided to cancel them. Why is everyone so panicking like God of War 3 or Uncharted 2 got canceled, Jesus....

anh_duong3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

you don't belong in n4g. you are everything that is bad about computer gaming. people with ps3 should play their ps3 and people with xbox should play their xbox. i wish this forum ban trolls.

your life is not to spend time trolling. you have many many billion brain cells. use at least one of them i.e. can we just discuss gaming from a gaming experience.

big game means big budget games where people actually spent time making the games good and up to scratch and not just ea carnival type shovelturd. i own a wii but i think 95% of the games for it are shockingly bad - i just hope the game industry never moves to the wii third party business model of less risk, high volume, low quality productions.

if i was a developer responsible for creating such heinous crimes to gaming such as ea carnival then i probably pay for someone to shoot me. what shame. i just hope the gaming industry never go the way of many third party wii developers.

this is one thing where both xbox and ps3 users should unite against: the way this industry is dumbing down gaming.

apologies for my rant but this casual gaming phenomena is starting to really pi$$ me off.

kazuma3830d ago

lol vojkan is right since when is getaway a hardcore/big title? both were crappy, 1 had pretty awesome graphics for the time but had some of the slowest and worst controls i've ever tried. 2 was so bad i didn't even try it. getaway had potential but sony blew it, it's best they focus on something else. i couldn't care less about the new getaway but i was interested in eight days, seemed pretty cool by the concept stuff they showed

PirateThom3830d ago

I don't care if it has no Online. Neither did Uncharted and it was awesome.


BkaY3830d ago

on that bro.... i was waiting for any news about this game but "bam"...

game has been freakin canceled....

its just like someone has kicked me on the ballz pretty hard..

yanikins1113830d ago

Agreed. 8 days looks sweet. Im more of a single player person myself. I always prefere solid(no pun intended) single player campaigns with some good length over multiplayer.

stuntman_mike3830d ago

ive always been a single player gamer, i dont mind multiplayer now and again (mario kart on snes hasnt been beaten yet). i still think the single player game has loads more potential, im not a fan of these so called "casual games" either they are ok for a little while then get boring very quick.

i fear that a lot more games with potential may be cancelled due to online requirements which is a shame, sony europe should take a look at bioshock and mass effect where online wasnt that important but still managed to sell loads.

LeShin3830d ago

I totally agree with all you guys above me. Bubbles for all of you! I like story driven single player games. It's what made me a gamer. Multiplayer just promotes repetition in my book (frag this player hundreds of times, rinse and repeat). The gaming industry needs both types of experiences. The are quite a few online only games I would not touch with a barge pole as they're bound to get boring as there would be no incentive but just to frag someone.

Screw that.....

beavis4play3830d ago

give me "eight days" too!

Official General3830d ago

This mentality of games developers making an online mode essential for new games is getting very silly now. I too much prefer story-driven single-player games. I personally find them more fun, interesting,immersive and much more challenging. It's like every new game made these days HAS to have an online mode! That's pure nonesense man. I'm not too heavily into online gaming and while I do think it's a very important feature for a game to have, (I love COd4 online) it does not have to be essential for every game to have an online mode.

Quickstrike3829d ago

I was looking forward to 8 days. Canceling a game because it lacked online content is a really dumbass excuse to pull the plug on a game

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