MS: 'We want to be first again with Xbox 3'

At a "strategy level" Microsoft wants to be first to the market again with its next-generation Xbox, Entertainment & Device Devision boss Robbie Bach has said.

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heyheyhey3835d ago

biggest challenge? disk format

Blu-Ray = Sony's b!tch
HD-DVD = capacity still lower than BD, redundant for movies
DVD = LOL!!!!!!!!
in-house format = pricey, useless for movies
DD = world isn't nearly ready for that

crimsonfox3835d ago

i had sometimes with them and i don't mean porn.

or do i??? o_O... the world will never know.

potenquatro3835d ago

probably final spec. Blueray

phony force slayer3834d ago

they can use that in xbox 3 if they want. their is nothing stopping them. nothing atall not evan sony becuse evry console they will sell microsoft pay a few dollars over 2 sony. so yeah blu ray next

MANCREEP3834d ago

Kinda like how when MP3s were introduced to the mainstream, the world wasnt ready, but the switch took place in a little less than 2 years?

Chitown712913834d ago

People can be so stupid. You do realize that Sony does not mean it will just solely support the PS3 for 10 years, right. No, the PS4 will be out 2011 or 2012, while the PS3 will still be being supported until they feel like the console has been maxed out. And with the technology Sony has put into this beast I wouldn't be suprised if it lasted 12 years honestly. There's a major difference between this generation and last generation and thats firmware updates. So whatever the PS4 can do so can the ps3. Unless major hardware changes are made.

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Fishy Fingers3835d ago

Pretty obvious, first to market means for a brief period you have no competition and there for all the sales.

If the 360 and PS3/Wii all launched at the same time MS current situation would not look half as rosy.

Bzone243835d ago

If Microsoft would have waited and launched with the wii and ps3 there may have never been rrod and they could possibly be in a better position than they are now in terms of sales. The ps3 would still have had too high of a price for the masses at launch.

Monteblanco3835d ago

It sounds like they are starting to admit defeat and readying themselves to a new round. I find amusing they will try the same tactic as before by releasing before anybody else, despite the fact that some more development could make a difference. I guess the new X-Box will keep the high quality engineering standards of the current one and be a great source of entertaining to its customers that will met at repair shops lines all over the world.

Lifendz3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Then again the 360 is in its 3rd year. Sorta early but with no standard hdd and a antiquated format-DVD9-I don't blame them. My concerns is this: what's the in house exclusive for this system? Halo? Bungie left. Gears 3? Perhaps. What MS needs to do is try and purchase Epic. Secure Gears as an in house exclusive forever and ensure Sony never gets the chance to have Gears on its system.

Also go back to standard HDD. You started that MS! You built up a pretty good base of loyal customers so you don't have to ensure your system is the cheaper of the two. This is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Make XBL free. PSN is catching up and once in-game xmb and accomplishments/trophies are here then PSN is probably going to be preferred since it's free.

Most important of all, make a system that isn't prone to malfunction. I once stepped on my Xbox and it works just fine to this day.

kazuma3835d ago

what i find funny is that the only way xbox has a chance to win some people is by releasing the console first, no wonder they got that much marketshare, their console is 2 years and something old right now, a one year gap between its competitors. if they rush the next one, which they'll do, those hardware problems are not going to be tolerated by everyone.

PirateThom3835d ago

Exactly, Microsoft can't win (or even do well) without launching first.

Nintendo have already overtaken them and Sony could overtake at any point.

If you're at Microsoft, that has to worry you, a year headstart reduced to nothing.

Releasing first is the only way they can guarantee similar sales.

LastDance3835d ago

Lol....sum people never learn......

fox023835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

If it's backward compatible with 360 games then I'm all yes! Coz the 360 has lots of great games (Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden, Infinite Undiscovery, Too Human, Mass Effect, Bioshock...) but the failure rate is just too much!

And I hope the next xbox will use bluray, and standard HDD.

ryuyasho3835d ago

by the looks if it, we can expect it to go GFOOD = Green Flubber Orb Of Death, hehehehe. now here comes the Hate...

plenty a tool3835d ago

microsoft will give the 360 five years, then upgrade to new hardware. after the succes of the wii, i think this time nintendo will feel confidant enough to drop that around the same time and mite even go head-to-head with microsoft with new hardware. it should be sony that should worry. if they stick to their alleged 10 year console (yeah right) and nintendo and microsoft launch first, then they could easily see even more of what was once their exclusive market slip away. this gen, they've already lost alot of market share in some regions, and could lose even more if they sit back and let the other two go it alone long before they do.

even if they wait 2 years and release a much more powerful machine. the third party devs will all be geared for microsoft and nintendo(assuming nintendo goes toe-to-toe next-gen), and will already be pumping games specifically for those. will they really forget their last two years of work and learning just to cater for the new playstation??? i dont think so, the new playstation will just get the ports, only the sony published first and second party will be better.

this gen has already proven that although the playstation brand is strong, it's not as strong as sony thought it would be. their still 3rd place position sales wise is a testement to that. in the same time frame, the ps2 had the market sewn up. sony wont even regian second place til 09 at the earliest, and mite never catch nintendo.

less than 9k console sales a week in japan just shows how much sony have fallen. whilst nintendo enjoys 50k a week there. and in NA sony barely scrapped 20k more than the "antiquated rubbish hardware, no games system, and already maxed(gotta love that one)hardware" that is the 360 in may....which isn't really gonna dent the 6mil they are behind over there.

i think a launch first strategy is good. already alot of devs are using the 360 as their lead platform. just imagine how many will continue to do that oif sony are 2 or 3 years behind next time? it will be like the ps2 xbox all over again. just wiht the roles reversed.

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MicroDeath SoftStar3835d ago

personally i wont be buying this time round , fool me once shame on you , fool my twice shame on me !!

you all know what im talking about , im sick of sending this POS back every few months

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gaffyh3835d ago

MS never learn, they will rush their 3rd console to market again. If a new Xbox comes out within the next two years, it was almost useless buying an Xbox 360 and proves that Xbox consoles only have a very short lifespan (making the PS3 more value for money).

season0073835d ago

Selling a product involves a lot of things and in the console involves timing

The first xbox was a good product, but it was sold at a time that PS2 was so dominant that nothing can crush it, it failed

The second xbox actually had a good head start. By sacrificing those who tried your new product, they manage to get a much higher market share this time. The plan works, but the extremely unreliable hardware and the unexpected popular-Wii totally stopped the advantage of head start, with the unreliable hardware being the main cause since wii is for different market.

If the third xbox is out early for the second time again, i doubt it will grab market share like xbox360 did.
First, do you abandon your loyal customers again? I hope not.

Second, are you sure there is something MUCH more mind-blowing that what PS3 can offer in an affordable price?

Third, the sales of PS3 would've accumulate and it would be better for the developers to develop for PS3 rather than PS3 and Xbox 3.

Forth, with developers' preference in mind, most-if not all multiplats between PS3 and xbox3 will share similar graphics. The worst case is that it will be inferior on the xbox3 due to the initial porting problem like PS3 faced in its first year.

and last but not least....with the infamous RROD, will customer ever be white mouse again testing product for you in the first year? or they would want to see more reviews or testing before they buy the hardware...When that happens, obviously it reduces the effect of early launch of a new system..

In short: It won't work

harrisk9543835d ago

is that MS knew from launch that they would not beat Sony in this round -- They just hoped to take market share away from Sony. MS said when they launched the 1st Xbox that they were in this for the long haul. So, they have cut into Sony's market share with the 360 by releasing a year early and the next Xbox will cut it even more, until MS eventually believes they will be the number one system, whether it is with the Xbox 720, 1440, or 2880.

juuken3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I would hope it's more reliable, because the RROD affected their system as a whole. I would have bought this system first if it didn't have so many issues. And for MS to start talking about a new system now...I'm starting to think they're showing the first signs of defeat.

Milky3834d ago

If Sony release a slim PS3 at the same time at half the price of xbox 3 it would take alot of its thunder.

JsonHenry3834d ago

I will buy it. But then again I own all three right now. So maybe I am not the one they are trying to target.

MADGameR3834d ago

They want to START on a clean slate AGAIN LOL! They want another chance at TRYING to outsell the PS consoles and Nintendo consoles. They will be going first again after X Box 3. They are desperate each gen and they will want to come out with their new console first UNTIL they beat next gen SONY PS consoles and Nintendo consoles. But sure MS...we'll let you go 1st again lol let them rush it like the 360 and see what happens.

SiLeNt KNighT3834d ago

XBOX is going to be like windows pretty soon with too many useless new releases...a la vista. ms does the same thing over and over in business. TEST the product first for christ sakes... dont leave that part up to the consumers.

tojfs79313834d ago

You were being sarcastic with that "high quality" bit in your comment.

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MaximusPrime3835d ago

well they lost out first position for their xbox 360. cant see that happening with xbox 3. Microsoft needs to spend a lot of time on xbox 3

the fire brigade will be very busy if microsoft will release the console too early.

PirateThom3835d ago

Prepare for more sloppy hardware choices... my God, take your time, being first doesn't matter. Look what happened.

AllroundGamer3835d ago

yeah hopefully they won't be the first again, that will break the failure rate record...

juuken3835d ago

They need to stop worrying about releasing hardware first and worry about what they can do to make their next product more reliable. They're losing steam with the 360 because there's already talks about a new system.

This is not good at all.

Bob Dole3834d ago

Bob Dole thinks they should stick to the software. They'd probably make more money.