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Why the PlayStation Vita is Still Relevant

Owen Hibbert of Entertainment Buddha writes: "I stopped using the Vita purely as a console months ago, yet it still continues to strike me as an amazing bit of hardware. No more do I crave a AAA experience and no more do I care to see it show off its already impressive graphics. My Vita is my PlayStation 4′s best friend, and also helps to relive some of my best childhood moments. (PS Vita)

FrogSpork  +   394d ago
The Vita really is a great piece of hardware, it so deserves more love than it is getting.
Abash  +   394d ago
Remote Play easily makes it relevant for me and for at least the entire gen, I love getting sessions of PS4 games through the Vita
FragGen  +   394d ago
Remote play almost never works acceptably for me (lag, stuttering, pauses) and the Vita always gets decoupled from the Ps4 and I have to re-pair the two. Anyone have any tips? Am I an oddball in this regard? How are you guys using remote play?
bullymangLer  +   394d ago
The Vita will always be relevant. Because i will never forget the day the vita gave my friend carpelTunel syndrome ..

I warned him!

Advised him to get the trigger grips . ):
3-4-5  +   394d ago
The Vita as a handheld is awesome. I love it.

I just wish there were more games that appealed to me.
Gearfox  +   394d ago
While I don't own a PS4 yet, I still love using my PS Vita. I have a ton of classic PS1 games on it and if I never got one I would never have played Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

Shame I have to turn off the touch screens everytime I want to use the PS1 games but there not that bad when playing Vita games.
HAMM3RofBUDDHA  +   394d ago
Been using it to play Diablo 3 on the PS4 when I'm not around the console and it works flawlessly.
TongkatAli  +   394d ago
Yup, it is lag free.
Quicktim3  +   394d ago
just like the xbox in japan

the vita over here in the west gets like this little dinky shelf space because people just aren't buying it.
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dodgemoose  +   394d ago
Remote play on the Vita is decent, but the reality is I'd much rather use one of the new Z3 range with the DS4. Some PS4 games play just fine with the Vita's control layout, but others suffer really badly. The prospect of playing on a larger and higher resolution screen with the DS4 is just a much more attractive option to me.
fonger08  +   394d ago
My question is now with the release of remote play on the z3, and the release of PlayStation tv... where does the vita fit in exactly?
psvitamanfan  +   394d ago
exactly what i was thinking! Without the AAA's from third parties, remote play is the only way to play the 'big boy' games. Now the z3 range are coming, why bother getting a vita when you can get a phone that does the same? Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of the Vita, have been since day 1, but without a steady supply of Western made games (Japanese niche titles and JRPG's just don't appeal to me) I'm losing interest in the Vita.
TenBensons  +   394d ago
Who says it isn't???? More relevant than a Wii-U as far as I'm concerned
HentaiMasterRace  +   394d ago
As a Wii U owner, I agree, I use this thing for hentai 90% of the time(great internet browser).
leahcim  +   394d ago
It is not just relevant is super cool!
MSBAUSTX  +   394d ago
I bought a Vita this past weekend and I am loving it. I already have 20 games written down I want to buy for it. Uncharted is beautiful and I am loving the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal game. It has given me the fix I needed waiting for the new Smash Brothers to come out. With all of the PSP and PS1 games I can download and the PS+ items, I will be busy with it for a long time. I love my 3DS too. But the Vita games are just different than my 3DS games. Can't go wrong with either, but both is amazing.
Protagonist  +   394d ago
See! that is a good argument most freakish fanboys wouldn´t dont understand.
Indeed the games are different on the Vita, support the damn thing, lets have different dedicated handheld gaming devices and enjoy gaming, instead of one single choice.
MSBAUSTX  +   394d ago
I have been pleasantly surprised at how fun it is and how unique the games are thats for sure. Still love Nintendo, but the vita is giving me some variety different than what I get from Nintendo. I Couldnt be happier right now.
SonyStyled  +   394d ago
most people who have negative views towards the vita actually dont own one or have never played it to have an fair opinion in the first place. i see many comments like yours. its a phenomenal device. you just got to own one in order to realize it
MSBAUSTX  +   394d ago
It is interesting when I think about it because I was swayed for a couple years by people telling me it isnt supported and is lacking games. But I always messed with it when i went in to best buy. When I saw it was now second screen remote play for PS4 and then the Vita games and the PSP games and the PS1 games, I couldn't NOT buy it anymore. Now that I have one i feel like I robbed myself of some fun for those two years. It is good quality too.
Protagonist  +   394d ago

Also buy Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4: The Golden ;)
DualWielding  +   394d ago
It is relevant for Neptunia fans
Protagonist  +   394d ago
Thanx to remote play I´m going to play PERSONA 5 on my PS VITA ;))))
ps4lifesucka  +   394d ago
Vita is for hardcore gamers and no one else. The problem isn't with vita or gaming it's with gaming sites being nothing but hater trash. When's the last time you read or saw anything on a gaming site that even showed anything other than a AAA big budget game or some article that is for clickbaiting fanboi? There's sooo many games that don't even get shown on all these gaming sites and when you see the people on those sites stream a game on like twitch.tv... you'd think they're your grandmother trying to play because they aren't even able to walk or shoot right... yet they tell us what games are good? It's time gamers start making better gaming sites and supporting gaming sites that support real gaming and stop going to these kotaku type places but I just don't even see it happening. Gamers just seem to want to complain and fight and sadly great games and even hardware will always go unnoticed.
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Grave  +   394d ago
Because I just played Metal Gear Soild 3 at the doctor's office that's why.
gangsta_red  +   394d ago
Remote play is the only thing keeping the Vita relevant. It is an excellent feature for the Vita and the one thing Sony should be promoting more this device.
Spotie  +   394d ago
And yet nearly everyone in this thread talks about how the games are better than people like you who want to downplay it to the utmost.
MGSmarioPRO  +   394d ago
Near yesterday told me i have 44 psvita games so i think is around that the plus games since the launch of the service (but maybe more). If there is one thing i don't miss on Vita are games, every month i have things to play and i still have a lot to try that i want because i also play in other consoles.
Then you have the remote service to play the ps4 games.

My vita is a GAMING machine and just with plus i'm very happy since can afford to only buy games for other consoles.
DCfan  +   394d ago
AAnyone who bashes the vita is an ignorant sheep who believes whatever BS thats spewed on the web.
HentaiMasterRace  +   394d ago
Preach it man.
HentaiMasterRace  +   394d ago
It definitely is relevant, at the moment, it's going through a rough time, but soon it shall get the spotlight it deserves. Love this thing man!!
joeorc  +   393d ago
I have the 3g launch Playstation Vita and play it all the time, for those that for some reason do not get or understand where the playstation Vita purpose sits with the playstation Tv and the xperia z3 getting remote play now do not really understand the moves Sony is taking with the playstation vita.

The remote play is not exactly like that of the playstation vita, I could go on to explain it but you have already made up your mind about it anyway. As for the Playstation Tv..hello it is a playstation Vita! Whst is freaking ironic is people now seem to say well what purpose do I have for a,playstation vita now when the xperia z3 now has a larger screen and real physical controls.

But the playstation Tv also is a playstation vita with physical controls, and can play Vita games local or streaming both.

The tablet xperia z3 just play streaming options, no native Vita game play support.

Both the playstation Tv and playstation Vita offer native playstation vita gaming + the playstation Now gaming. If anything why use a tablet for less "playstation Gaming" to try to replace a product designed for playstation gaming with one thst only gets you a streaming option. If that is all you really want any way than the playstation vita gaming was never s priority for you as a gamer in the first place. And you really do not want a playstation vita anyway.

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