The Remastered Trend

The newest trend in the gaming industry is "remastered" games. What we are seeing though is a rise in these remastered editions coming out so soon after the initial game release. Is having a "remastered" version of the game necessary or is this a cash grab on a popular title? Nick C. of Gamer Assault Weekly takes a look at the "remastered" trend.

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VRex71533d ago

hmm, some games I enjoy a remastered version of, Tomb Raider for instance but for a lot of titles it seems like an easy way to bank on a game that they know people would spend the money on.

MrSwankSinatra1533d ago

Personally I've yet to buy a game remastered on PS4. Though that will change with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD & Resident Evil Remastered.

thisishxc1533d ago

Some remastered games are totally worth it. The Halo Master Chief Collection? I'll be all over that. I hadn't played Tomb Raider, so it was worth it for me...but having said that, I'm not sure a $60 price point is the best for those who already played the game, own the DLC, but are interested in the graphics upgrade and small additions. Metro Redux got it right, $50 for both games with massive improvements to each. Saints Row IV, $40 for a current gen version with all previously released DLC? Perfect.

zero_syndicate1533d ago

Remasters need to stop, there are necessary remasters. The Halo remaster being one to catch up the story from the previous generation, kind of like a recap, plus its been a decade since we've played Halo 2. But Last of Us is only a year old, and it already has a remaster!? WHY!? It wasn't necessary, and much too soon. Tomb Raider didn't really need it either. I suppose time should play a factor in whether or not a remaster is necessary. In the sense of Halo 2, its been a decade and a lot has changed. Legend of Zelda OoT certainly doesn't need it because its been out for EVERY platform since its release. So I'd definitely say the amount of time away from a title should determine whether or not it should be released as a remastering.

nick47611533d ago

Remasters are tricky. I feel like it has to be the right game at the right time.

Baszs1533d ago

it has to be a classic that gets an remastered version!.. or a series bundled!

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