Dragon Age: Inquisition Romance Guide Reveals Full List of In-Game Relationships

The Dragon Age: Inquisition romance guide has now been released by BioWare, revealing every in-game relationship.

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vishmarx1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

only 1 straight female who looks mostly too bossy/tomboyish

out of 8 companions.3 females ,5 males ,2 bi's, 2 homosexuals
progressive much?

this is one DA ill go without initiating a romance since i prefer to stay simple and theres no 'normal' choice. everyone has some quirk or the other
da 1 had morrigan and lileana
da 2 had merill and the pirate lady
this one has nothing for straight male avatar

Aloren1537d ago

Well, you can still romance Josephine too. It looks like advisors will be pretty important for the story too (and similar to companions when it comes to romance).

annoyedgamer1537d ago

Don't buy the game EA messed up DA2 and they think they can win everyone back with this cheap try. Just look at Sims 4 its the same rubbish. People need to stop buying EA games.

redey31537d ago

I agree comepletly, I'm not homofobic, I support all kind of relationship, but these game seem to be a soft homo-propaganda. It's not just the romances, it's the gameplay videos, I think of all videos only one had a male character, every else video had only females. Does the male character option even exist in this game? If we are going to be realistic, most of the gamers are male, most of the males are straight, so isn't it common sense that there is more female LI ( or at least the same number ) and that most of them are straight? Is that weird to expect? I don't know... Still buying the game though after I see the reviews.

FullmetalRoyale1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I find it curious that the options are not at least equal. I ask this as a straight male, is that not literally equality?

spartanlemur1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Bioware have a right to do that, and the hardcore fans over on their site tend to strongly support these sort of decisions.
I'm just not sure the mainstream players who don't use their Bioware accounts much will.

I mean I would actually have ordered it at £50 if it had better romance options for straight male inquisitors, but without these, I'm going to wait until it hits £30.
I'm sure it'll still be a great game, but it won't hit the perfection which it would have (and this is purely my opinion) if it had romance options which I like better (more attractive women...perhaps three options at least).

I mean at the end of this day, millions of gamers (most of whom are straight and male) might be making the same decision as me, which is going to impact EAs cash-flow. It's a shame that devs worry more about PR these days than actually pleasing the majority of the people who buy their game.

Drithe1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Do what I am and most everyone else is gonna do. Don't buy the game and send EA and Bioware a message that they can't force this gay agenda stuff down our throats.

trywizardo1537d ago

doesn't matter , im gonna have sex :D :D :D

spartanlemur1537d ago

There's a popular misconception that 20-30% of the population are homosexual+bi whereas the true figure is closer to 5%.

I think Bioware writers may simply have failed to look at the data on the topic.

And there's no reason to create a fantasy world with more or less LGBT people unless this is tied into the backstory of the world in a big way.

That or they're trying to push the bleeding heart cause. I've actually had that vibe from Manveer Heir and a few other DA:I devs.

diablo21571536d ago

*"1 straight female who looks mostly too bossy/tomboyish "*

They said the same thing about jack(ME2) and today she's one of the fan favorites, so fuck off.

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Codewow1537d ago

Can I have a relationship with my right and left hand simultaneously without one or the other knowing?

Drithe1537d ago

This game is going to bomb because of the "gay" issue being forced down people's throats by Bioware and EA. Homophobic? If you call Christianity, Judiasm, Islam, and the Dali Lama homophobic, you can call me that too.

Lucreto1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I am disappointed there is no Tali/Merril type character to romance.

I am not a fan of Cassandra's character just based on DA2. I am not sure on Josephine either. They both seem like Ice Queens but might be different in game.

I have no problem on the break up of the romance but I don't like the straight only characters.

annoyedgamer1537d ago

Seriously people stop supporting this rubbish get The Witcher 3 and support a legitimate developer and guess what? its DRM free on PC.

Omnisonne1537d ago

Nothing wrong with trying both.. however I do enourage people not to buy it day one, and wait for reviews if you're unsure

annoyedgamer1537d ago

Its not trying when its the same nonsense every game. Just look at this agenda they are pushing here (gay and feminist) this is all EA cares about now. The Sims came out last Tuesday look at the state its in. Microtransactions and DLC everywhere.

I read an article that BF hardline is making out anti-government people to be the enemy which is another progressive ploy. Its in all their games their no "try".

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