Confusing message about what's included in Destiny Playstation 4 Bundle

Game Idealist takes a look at the confusion over what's and what's not included in the Destiny Playstation 4 Bundle.

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faysal1536d ago

1month music unlimited and $10 offer has been with playstation since it came out... its nothing new or speacial. every single ps4 has these code.

MRMagoo1231536d ago

Has it ? I didn't get either when I got my ps4 at launch , is it hidden somewhere? I still have the box is it in that?

faysal1536d ago

if you are from usa then you should have found it on top of the manual in a leaflet with PS logo. it should say free offers for playstation gamers. if you are out side the USA then you wont be getting this offer.

MRMagoo1231536d ago

Right so what you meant to say was "every single ps4 in the usa has these codes" , that would explain it.

Prime1571535d ago

It should always say on the box, and if you don't get everything included either by retailer or by manufacturer then you simply call in, or if that doesn't work, sue.

C'mon consumers. Learn to shop. Learn to research your purchases (especially when expensive) and don't listen to the floor clerks or sales representatives unless you know them well.

admiralvic1535d ago

The funny thing is that I don't see the big deal one way or the other. While it would be better to have said items, this is the type of thing I could see the vast majority of people being unaware of in the first place. I mean, is anyone going to cancel their preorder or make a preorder based off these two items being included? Does it really make a difference in the grand scheme? Just seems silly to devote any thought to this, especially since there are times when companies post incorrect information almost completely across the board. I had this happen when I bought the Asus Vivotab Note 8.

While Microsoft noted it came with a 8 gb micro SD card, other sites such as Rakuten, Tiger Direct, Walmart, Office Depot, Staples, Amazon and even ASUS themselves ( ) don't list it as an included accessory. So surely Microsoft is wrong (I mean this is N4G, so isn't that a given?), but no, I'm sorry to inform you that it does include an 8 gb micro sd card for recovery.

@ MrMagoo123

No need to be an arse and technically you're wrong as a bit of context comes into play here. This article is talking about the North American bundle, which is evident by all the sources mentioned being the NA versions of the site, so it goes without saying that contextually Faysal's comment makes sense. It really only makes sense to note region if it differs from whats being talked about or it impacts the article (like noting PS Plus for EU, NA, Asia and JP).

MRMagoo1231535d ago

No need to be an arse ??? Wtf are you talking about , I just wanted to know why I didn't get the stuff "every ps4" had , then found out it wasn't every ps4 it was just the US, I know it's hard to believe but not everyone lives in the USA some ppl live outside America along with the vast majority of the world's population.

admiralvic1535d ago

@ MrMagoo123

The article is talking about the North American bundle, Faysal most likely lives in North America and is talking about North American PS4's, so I don't see the issue with them making a comment like that. With that being said, I don't see why you felt the need to correct Faysal, especially when it should be North America or NA not the US or USA.

nX1535d ago

I agreed with your comment but there's no need to call him out for asking a question.

admiralvic1535d ago

@ Bloodborn

I wasn't calling them out for asking a question, I was calling them out for how they responded to the answer.

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nunley331535d ago

I wasn't confused at all, i watched an official unboxing video that's already been released. If someone wants to know, they should watch it.

nicksetzer11535d ago

I just wonder if it is a digital or physical copy.... still don't know.

Eonjay1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Its Physical
Also, the article confirms this as well.

akurtz1535d ago

physical copy. I saw an unboxing video

colonel1791535d ago

I thought Sony had announced that the bundle would come with the white vertical stand, is that true?

TFJWM1535d ago

I thought they announced that they would be selling a white vertical stand. Would make sense to include it thou

TyBREAKR1535d ago

No sir, $20 on Amazon for a white stand.

The_Devil_Hunter1535d ago

I thought the white stand was $29.99?

Peppy la Moca1535d ago

Does anyone know if the Sony Store offers pre-orders? I want to get this bundle, but it has to be from the Sony Store. It's not on the website, but was hoping that maybe they will have them in store next week or available to order. In any case, I'll have to call tomorrow.

nunley331535d ago

I don't have a Sony store near me like most people they should be offering it, no reason why they wouldn't be. Hi Peppy :D

lnfiniteLoop1535d ago

bit like the "Amoury pack" that Bungie says pre-orders are supposed to get... makes no mention of it... yet Bungies website states you get the pack when you pre-order from participating retailers (inc. Amazon UK) of which it allows you to select from a link on Bungies website...

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