Hyrule Warriors Demo Now Playable at Various American Retailers

"Nintendo has announced that it has now made a Hyrule Warriors demo available for play for customers at various major retailers across the United States. The demo for the upcoming Zelda x Dynasty Warriors title will be available to play at retailers including Gamestop, BestBuy, and Target. The demo will give players an opportunity to play as either Link, Zelda, or Midna and even take on a boss at the end (King Dodongo)" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Spooney3231566d ago

In an economy where every penny is precious why not just save us some time and gas, and put a demo on the Eshop..... Smh

randomass1711566d ago

Agreed. If 90% of Wii U owners are online they should make more downloadable demos.

Xof1566d ago

Nintendo is still about 20 years behind the curve when it comes to online stuff. Be grateful they have an eshop at all.

LaWiiG1566d ago

In that same breath, retailers need money too. What better way to get people to buy stuff from your store? Bring get them into the store in the first place...smh.

NintySonySoft1566d ago

Man i just wish this game had Online! Would of been a day 1 buy for me if it had some sort of Co-op Online Mode!