Unreal Engine 4 - New Video Shows Impressive Global Illumination Effects, Looks Almost Real

YouTube’s member ‘koooolalala’ has shared a new video, showing a new scene that he has been working on in Unreal Engine 4. This scene uses a WIP Global Illumination system, and looks almost real.

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Bonkerz1533d ago

yea, that doesn't look "almost real" it just looks real, that is damn impressive.

camel_toad1533d ago

It does look really good. Gameplay looks kind of weak though.

ajax171533d ago

funny+ I guess the disagrees don't get sarcasm.

camel_toad1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


Yeh I guess people on the interwebs require "/s" or sarcasm will go right over their heads. I thought it was pretty obvious ;)

Timesplitter141533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

this is a small scene showing perfectly clean, still, hard-surfaced, non-dynamic objects.

In other words, expect games to actually look like this in 10-15 years, but not right now

GeofferyPeterson1533d ago

You're right, this is total clickbait.

ibrake4naps1533d ago

It's fake. Someone just videotaped their chairs in their modern house. Don't be sheeple!

Scatpants1533d ago

I want to sit in one of those chairs.

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