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Minecraft PS Vita Edition “Should be” Released in a Few Weeks

While PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play Minecraft today (and Xbox One owners tomorrow), the wait for Minecraft: PS Vita Edition is going to take a little bit longer. (Minecraft, PS Vita)

sobotz  +   234d ago
My only question is: If I bought the PS4 and PS3 version, can I get this for free, or I must pay another $19.99 for this version alone.
swansong  +   234d ago
If you bought ps3 version it will then be free for the vita version.
Soldierone  +   234d ago
It's free with the PS3 version, but not the PS4 version.


Buy the PS3 one FIRST because you get cross buy with Vita, and can buy the PS4 one for 5 dollars. 25 dollars for all 3, or 40 dollars, your choice ;p
dbjj12088  +   234d ago
Probably going to be one of the better versions of the game given PS Vita has analog sticks and buttons.
Wedge19  +   234d ago
Seems like a great place to play! I can't fall into this on console, but it feels like it would work so well for Vita.
Cobberwebb  +   234d ago
Why not cross-buy on Vita with the PS4 version, I don't get it?
TheGrimReaper0011  +   234d ago
It's simple
Many people will either buy Minecraft on PS4 or upgrade from the ps3 version, right?

Those who buy it on ps4 might buy the PS3 version just to get both ps3 and vita versions for the price of one and thus buy it twice. Once PS4, other PS3.

Those who upgrade the PS3 version to PS4, can't claim the Vita version for free and thus if they wannna have it on Vita, they have to buy it again on vita (or do like the previous paragraph)

And gues what? The PS4 version of Minecraft will arrive faster than the vita version. See what's gonna happen? Lots of people will upgrade the PS3 to PS4 version and thus LOSE their right to claim the Vita version for free!

That's the only reason why they are doing it like this.

Best deal : Buy the PS3 version, WAIT for the vita version, download vita version, upgrade ps3 to ps4 version.
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Protagonist  +   234d ago
If you get the PS3 version, you'll get the Vita version with Cross Buy.
HentaiMasterRace  +   234d ago
Can't wait!

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