FIFA 15 Beta Impressions - Chet & Jon

Does FIFA 15 feel sharper than FIFA 14? No doubt about it. Does it feel way too familiar regardless? No doubt about it.

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oSHINSAo1532d ago

A review made for a non fifa nor soccer videogame player ?

iistuii1532d ago

I was in the beta. Some nice touches in graphics, especially like the marks on the pitch , I was slightly disappointed with the shooting & the goalkeepers, however it was an old build as on the forums the guy came on & told us they had addressed those two main concerns. So I'm still looking forward to it & the demo should be a better, if not final build than the beta.

toddybad1532d ago

I haven't played a pes game for over ten years and buy fifa every year but they're spot on about fifa 14 and where the fifa franchise is. Seriously tempted to switch or just not bother playing this year as I hated fifa 14 with every ounce of my being.