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Submitted by Geobros 450d ago | news

Run Sackboy! Run! announced for PS Vita, mobile

"LittleBigPlanet‘s Sackboy is coming to PS Vita, iOS, and Android this October in the form of Run Sackboy! Run!, a new free-to-play platform-survival game. " (Android, iPhone, PS Vita, Run Sackboy! Run!)

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Applejack  +   450d ago
Seems like a cool concept. I might play this to get the exclusive costumes when lbp3 drops.
URNightmare  +   449d ago
Haha this is cool!
KwietStorm  +   449d ago
Sony learning how to stack chips.
Protagonist  +   449d ago
On iOS??... that is pretty cool!... not that I own a an Idevice, but I´m sure the Icrowd will love it, might even make some buy a Playstation product, not bad, not bad!
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AceofStaves  +   449d ago
This is a great idea.
Palitera  +   449d ago
Hmmm... You guys do understand this is exactly a F2P endless runner, right?
MegaRay  +   449d ago
NOBODY READ ARTICLES! What are you? new in here?
Even tho it should be oblivious by the title lol
elninels  +   448d ago
Somewhere deep down they know. Its just instinct for ~80% of n4g to blindly support sony in any and every move.

Not that this is a poor move, it won't detract from anything else lbp related.

Kwietstorm is absolutely correct.
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