Ryse: Son of Rome Vengeance - PC Trailer

Crytek has released a new trailer for the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome that will be coming on October 10th.

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Grave1197d ago

Looks great on PC. I wonder how they tweaked the gameplay for M/K instead of controller.

matt1391197d ago

This would be horrible with kb/m. Just pick up a x1 controller and you're all sorted.

starchild1197d ago

I have to say, that was an amazing trailer. I know the reviews were kind of mixed or average for this game, but I can tell that I will enjoy it for the story and atmosphere alone. The gameplay looks fun enough too.

Visually, though, this game is just incredible. I don't think any current game will compare to the PC version of Ryse.

GearSkiN1196d ago

I bought the game on XO I was pump on getting it the game had great animation, voice, graphics , I just wish they could have done more, it got so repetitive... I dont even think I saw all the animation coz it's random

NaAsAr1197d ago

i will finally get to play this game. :) can't wait.

sephy1197d ago

Well you can enjoy Dead rising 3 on PC it should be available mmm lets say NOW!!!!!!

NaAsAr1197d ago

I will be picking up DR3 as well. ;)

wtopez1197d ago

Well with recent reports, apparently it'll be hard to enjoy DR3 at all on PC . The crap port bandit strikes again.

boneso821197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I don't even know what "exclusive" means anymore...
When it comes to video games "exclusive" to me now signifies "will more than likely come out on other platforms in the near or not too distant future"...

Not looking forward to this but might buy it just to add to my collection and for some eye-candy, when it goes on sale for less than £10.

sikandar2011197d ago

Exclusive means PlayStation Exclusive game... :)

crazysapertonight1197d ago

it looks awesome.. But gameplay....

starchild1197d ago

Visually it's basically unrivaled and gameplay is decent enough to be enjoyed. I've heard the story it tells is enjoyable too. All of those things combined is way more than enough to make me buy the game.

sephy1197d ago

The amount of detail is ridiculously AWSOME!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.