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Making its way across the console generation, Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition includes all the extras from the original as well as a few improvements to boot, but is it worth the price tag?

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Alexious1502d ago

I'm bummed that some features are only available on consoles. Diablo has always been first and foremost a PC game...

AHV1502d ago

Playing this game right now on my PS4, and bought an extra controller with it for co-op! :)

LavaLampGoo1502d ago

Yeah its really fun to play coop, although half the time me and friends just run off in different directions!

Aurenar1502d ago

If only Blizzard killed the "always-on" on PC...sigh...

Summons751502d ago

I'm surprised they haven't seeing the console version can be played offline.

LavaLampGoo1502d ago

Me too, I didn't realise they still kept it up, why haven't they changed it, thats just stupid.

caseh1502d ago

I figured that finding randoms to play with online would be easy. Halfway through act II and i'm still playing solo.

Cool game but meh, would have been nice to have a lobby of some sort or party finder. :/