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AAG's Tyler writes: "People are getting tired of re-releases, and I don’t blame them. In a new generation of consoles that should signal new ideas and new refreshing IP, a lot of the release catalog for PS4 and Xbox One has boiled down to ports of older games. The most egregious of these examples are Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and The Last of Us Remastered, both games that are just over a year old. All of these games, which for plenty of fans feels enough like a double dip, is being charged at full price and the only things on offer are slight graphical upgrades and some small bells and whistles like voice commands or photo modes.

Metro Redux, however, feels like a genuine update of some overlooked games. Thanks to some business savvy and a complete graphical overhaul, the difference between the original and these redone adaptations of Dmitri Glukhovsky’s bleak novel are practically night and day."

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