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Xbox One Japanese Launch Marathon Loved by its Audience: Over 84% Positive Feedback

The Xbox One has finally launched in Japan, and while it didn’t exactly push Japanese gamers to line up in front of the stores, its 24 hour-long launch marathon was appreciated by its almost 237,000 viewers. (Xbox One)

Quicktim3  +   365d ago
hmm thats actually more viewers then i expected.

prob most of them were just there to troll in chat or something though
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XB1_PS4  +   365d ago
And then trollfully voted that the show was "Very Good". I think there is an actual interest in the XB1 in Japan. Just not enough to get people to buy a console. Consoles are currently dead in Japan.
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Patrick_pk44  +   365d ago
Xbone isn't going to sell well in Japan, because it's line up consists of Western games, while Sony's TGS just announced a Japanese line up of popular ges that appeal to their taste. Consoles aren't dead, they don't sell because there is nothing on them that interest Japanese consumers, but that will change for Sony due to TGS, and not Microsoft.
thehobbyist  +   365d ago
To reiterate for the thousandth time. It's not dead until they stop selling them. Consoles are still being sold. Therefore it's a struggling market. Not a dead one.
A high school marketing class could have taught you that.
ScottyHoss  +   365d ago
With all this talk of dying consoles, and struggling markets, I'm a little confused. Before this year I basically had my head in the sand on the topic of how well the console market as a whole is doing, and I'm rather shocked that one of the very few things making Sony money is consoles if they're supposedly dying. Why do some devs care more at about console versions? More money per copy sold? The new consoles are almost everything people talk about related to gaming that I hear, more so than PC, and I know far more people who have consoles than gaming PCs. All implying what? That consoles are dying? That doesn't make sense. If someone could please present a source to explain this, thank you.

hkgamer  +   365d ago
disagree with trolls part, they wouldnt give a positive feedback.

i do however think that the ms consoles have a sense of cult following. i mean it is an american console and its known for gears and halo. a very small population likes those and will buy it for those games. ps has yet to have a game like gears or halo, you can argue that uncharted is similar but its totally different from gears and more single player focused.
poor_cus_of_games  +   365d ago
With sonys excellent first party games they don't need to compete with halo and gears.
hkgamer  +   365d ago
@poor cus of games

i disagree, look at halo numbers and gears numbers. probably the 2 biggest franchises last gen.

anyway, my comment was made about why people in japan would like xbone over ps4. some just like halo and gears, very small percentage though.

i am a sony fanboy, i dislike halo and gears. i had more fun playing knack then those two franchises, uncharted series is one of my favourite series. you however sound like a blind fanboy. if sony owned gears or halo or even have something similar it would probably be the end of xbone.
Funantic1  +   365d ago
Plus both Gears and Halo sell more than Uncharted and God Of War. People should look that up. The X1 is a hard-to-get-your-hands-on American luxury that 29 countries will indulge in soon. The anticipation is higher than fanboys hate to admit. Fanboys say it won't matter in other countries. It mattered with the 360. The X1 is the turtoise.
gootimes  +   365d ago
Last gen Playstation didn't have hit franchises like those, but you could still argue that the Last of Us and Uncharted were better games, which people take notice of.

Halo and Gears are not the hot franchises they were last gen, and people are seeing that PS3 had higher quality games, even though they weren't marketed and hyped to death. Plus the Last of Us is on it's way to selling over ten million units, so sales wise it could very well be more popular that either of those games with it's next game in the series.

Cult following could be said for Gran Turismo as well, maybe even to a larger degree, when you look at the numbers of course.
hkgamer  +   365d ago

gt is definitely not cult, its sonys biggest franchise.

im just saying gears and halo is a cult game in japan.

sony doesnt have that if they did then xbox in japan would not exist at all.

im a sony fan and have liked most first party titles, tlou isnt a series yet so i left that game out.

i dont care for halo and gears, but if people in japan care they will be buying the console. ps4 will sell a lot more obviously it is definitely more mainstream.
Double Toasted  +   365d ago

You say Tlou is on its way to sell 10 million unit? Where do you get your info?
gootimes  +   365d ago

7 million and still selling decent on ps3 plus over 1 million on PS4 remaster version so far with good continued sales..

So over 8 million and still going strong.


Sony absolutely has "cult" following for games in japan, cult following by definition means a group of people highly dedicated to them. I would actually argue Microsoft has no games that have cult status in japan, maybe niche status...
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avengers1978  +   365d ago
@ fun WTF u talking about " hard to get your hands " it's over stocked every market it's available in, and isn't even selling out in the states...
PinkCrocodile75  +   365d ago
I'm inclined to agree with XB1_PS4.

Lets face it, Japan has been slowly corn holed by Korea, Taiwan and China since 2000.

Samsung's profits alone equal that of the top 9 Japanese manufacturers.

Japan is last millennium's man in the consumer electronics industry and all of the major players over the past few decades have been hit my crippling losses in market share.

Right now, if The global consumer electronics market were America, Japan would be Maine.

So when you take this into consideration it makes this news kind of irrelevant
geddesmond  +   365d ago
Was this just Japanese viewers or could everyone around the world watch the stream. Just curious given the recent articles that hardly anyone queued up for the consol.
Patrick_pk44  +   365d ago
dantesparda  +   365d ago
Title seems like clickbait "spin" to me.
3-4-5  +   365d ago
Microsoft.....Make a Monster Hunter Clone for XB1, and you will sell 1-2 million XB1's.

* IF your feeling real ballsy, go for a Pokemon knock off.
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Magicite  +   365d ago
people liked what they saw, yet that didnt convince them to buy it.
nosferatuzodd  +   364d ago
zero people showed up to the launchall of a sudden now pll show up to say it was good lol microsoft just pay a few ppl to yeah it was good who does these surveys
Am-No-Hero   365d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Kayant  +   365d ago
*hourly charts*

80th for august

OT - That's quite good shame for them that doesn't translate to sales.
KNWS  +   365d ago
Kayant nice try using disk sales to knock the x box down. Ksar link is what matters

Ps4 is more more popular in Japan. I don't think anyone disagrees with that, but its too early for sales projections yet. Even 10,000 or less a month is good i think for Japan
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Kribwalker  +   365d ago
12:30 am west coast time




Number 1 and 3 on yodobashi camera, one of the largest electronic chains in japan.

Maybe it did alright online, who knows until next Wednesday.
revben  +   365d ago
The console was just released and it has two sku in top 20. according to that chart ps4 is #74.
Kayant  +   365d ago

"Kayant nice try using disk sales to knock the x box down. Ksar link is what matters" - Do you even know how amazon charts work?

Mine shows what it has sold for the month. That just shows what generally demand has been like with no time frame or how the product is actually selling monthly,weekly,yearly.

" I don't think anyone disagrees with that, but its too early for sales projections yet. Even 10,000 or less a month is good i think for Japan" - It's not going to be doing anywhere near that when PS4 has been doing 6,000 for a while and Wii U the best selling home console there is doing about 8,000.
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reko  +   365d ago

Aww butthurt?
gamertk421  +   365d ago
And 18. The 12 is right ahead of the PS4 Destiny bundle. Nice.
MasterCornholio  +   365d ago
So you honestly believe that the XB1 will do better than the PS4?

Like I said in another article it would be a good idea if you temper your expectations.
bleedsoe9mm  +   365d ago
@MasterCornholio wonder what ms would consider a smash success in the japanese market , probably beating the ps4 would beyond anything they could dream of in their wildest dream . guessing success would be better than 360 numbers , got to start somewhere to get a foothold .
pyramidshead  +   365d ago
lmfao that hope.

Keep fighting the good fight.
Edward75  +   365d ago
And 18th for the titanfall bundle.

No matter how much I enjoy both consoles, it will still be very difficult to get a foothold in Japan for the Xbox one. I think SLIGHTLY better numbers than the 360 (which were so bad in japan). Still not enough to make it pass any of the two other systems. Even of it only sells 10,000 , there is always a game or two that surprise people from any system.
So there is always a glimmer of hope .
Maybe Scalebound will be that game, maybe not...

That said, it would be nice if it performed better than the 360, for all gamers. If it does, we might see more games in the US on the Xbox one that have more of a Japanese flavor.

Here's to hoping it sells better, for all gamers!
MeliMel  +   365d ago
Bubble for interesting. I agree, if XB1 performs better than Xbox 360 its only a win for gamers.
ramiuk1  +   365d ago
14th and 17th lol
Rowdius_Maximus  +   365d ago
14th now
WeAreLegion  +   365d ago
Now, it's at 14. The PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle is at 13.

U mad?
pyramidshead  +   365d ago
shhh, let him/her have their moment :p
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MichaelLito79  +   365d ago
Not bad. Good to see X1 making a push and supporting the small community in Japan.
mcarsehat  +   365d ago
YAAAY, get all consoles selling well and being appreciated around the world. Get them to earn the appreciation so everyone is happy.
OUROSMAG   365d ago | Trolling | show
ltachiUchiha  +   365d ago
Wat would be funny is if MS wins japan & Sony wins US lol, id be really confused den haha.
user7402931  +   365d ago
it would be like getting justin beiber to kick muhammad ali's butt when he was in his prime.
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abzdiine  +   365d ago
even on a wheel chair he would fail!
y7jzdgy   365d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Gezmoyassine  +   365d ago
3rd time's the charm...Only MS can afford to keep trying any other company would have given up a long time ago.
strangeaeon  +   365d ago
How was this approved? I want answers people!!
Volkama  +   365d ago
You're playing a dangerous game. Never look the N4G community in the eye, never try to understand them.

When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.
strangeaeon  +   365d ago
And of course a voice of dissent was heard from that abyss in the form of a disagree.
D-riders  +   365d ago
People are different and some delisuional. Out of every ten Xbox fans you'll get on that will say it's has benefits over the competition even with the facts and stuff in their face. So yeah there is a market their for the xbox
Gezmoyassine  +   365d ago
In the end i am just a consumer i have nothing to gain or lose from this.MS is a big company and it knows what it's doing...So whatever,GOOD LUCK IN JAPAN MS..your gonna need it.
hkgamer  +   365d ago
its tough for ms, but they have to release a console in japan no matter what. it is probably there just to encourage japanese developers to make games for them.
Kamuymintar  +   365d ago
The answer is simple.

On niconico, the vote takes place at the last part of the program.
Most of people who had the negative impression leave off watching.
Only people who had the positive impression remain and vote.
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WeAreLegion  +   365d ago
This is what Google Translate has as the name for the new Fatal Frame.

"The whale is the ghost! Sheer clothes evening 莉 [Amazon.co.jp Limited Kozukata zero ~ 濡鴉 Bruno Miko ~ is wet! B6 original clear file with the design change in the angle of view"

snookiegamer  +   365d ago
TBH...IMO Both PS4/X1 needs to do well out there....Japan's Home Console Market needs revitalizing, and as a PS4 only user, even I can admit PS4 alone can't achieve that ;)
Tito08  +   365d ago
@yankolo- yeah, if Microsoft knew how many cheerleaders they have here on N4G...
quenomamen  +   365d ago
Kinda like when I tell me people I loves me sone Megan Fox, but not enought to pay $13 to go see her in the new TMNT.
CuddlyREDRUM   365d ago | Trolling | show

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