Eight Days and Getaway cancellation was a "global decision"

VG247: Following confirmation this morning that Michael Denny has been promoted to SVP, Worldwide Studios Europe, SCEE has confirmed that the decision to can London Studios games Eight Days and The Getaway came from the higher-ups.

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Vojkan3837d ago

This would never happen if Phil Harrison was still president of WWS. Damn you Shuhei Yoshida! I knew puting Japanese guy instead of Phil was bad move. They just dont understand western games. I bet you he did it in favore of some Japanese games.

Shadow Flare3837d ago

yeah and if Phil were still here, Europe would be getting Afrika too. That decision really annoys me still

plenty a tool3837d ago

after the expensive abortion the first two getaways were, i can understand sonys caution. coupled with the fact that killzone is eating more money than any have made a sound decision imo.

the getaway is never going tobe nothing more than a paupers gta anyway.

Kain813837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

they will work for it after they released the other Games

deeznuts3837d ago

I only wish. SCEE said they have been canned. Permanently. No revival. That doesn't rule out the possibility, but for now it is.

PirateThom3837d ago

The same studio working on those games is also working on Home. Home is obvious too big a project to mess up now, so Eight Days and Getaway needed to take a break to shift resources to Home.

They're not going to give up on so much work now.

juuken3837d ago

Exactly. If they mess up Home, I'm sure a certain company would be there to make fun of them for doing so.

Cartesian3D3837d ago

for sure they have their own reasons..

and I think they wont put all of their efforts for those titles in trash after finishing their hope to see both titles in future. :)

but Im curious whats that more important project! (more than the Gateway and 8 days! )

PirateThom3837d ago

Home. It's SCE London Studio who do all three. And Singstar.

Fishy Fingers3837d ago

Oh right, so Sony actually have meetings and decide their actions, I figured one guy just pulled them out of a hat.

Of course it was a global decision, Sony are a global company. VG247 have an uncanny ability to change a line of inconsequential text into news.

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The story is too old to be commented.