Stick It To The Man! – Review - TXH

James writes - "Originally a Playstation exclusive, Stick It To The Man! has now taken the leap to jump on-board the Xbox One consoles via the [email protected] program. Was it worth the wait for those Xbox gamers chomping at the bit to play it?"

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neil3631566d ago

This is next on my purchase list. Watched a bit of a stream the other day and most definitely seems like something I'd enjoy. The 3-4 hours of gameplay is right up my street too!

Nevers0ft1566d ago

I bought it for the Wii U (after failing to notice it was free on PSN, doh!) it's pretty damned good. The two versions look identical but I prefer the Wii U version due to the gamepad controls (and wanting to justify buying the damned thing!).

The game is good, if a little confusing at times. Navigating the various thought bubbles can be clunky as well. My biggest bugbear are the puzzles though - I hope you like Monkey Island-style puzzles where you basically poke every object with every other object until something "clicks" :)

Overall it's a really good example of the puzzle/platform genre but it's not for everybody.

hkgamer1566d ago

its a pretty decent game. you may spend more than 3-4 hours if you get stuck. i probably recommend this game for pc though, game isnt too gamepad friendly.


didnt know it was for wiiu. that probably plays better than pc version then, probably wouldnt play it on big screen though since i want to look at what i am pointing at.

neil3631566d ago

Ah, I'm a frequent one for getting stuck so maybe I'll be able to drag 10 hours out of it!