Sony 'waiting for the right moment to reintroduce' The Last Guardian

President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has once again commented on the long-awaited update to The Last Guardian’s ill-fated development cycle, saying that the company’s ‘’waiting for the right moment to reintroduce’’ the game.

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avengers19781481d ago

Umm, anytime is the right moment to make that announcement. The sooner the better, unless it's still 3-4 years away.

jonny2by41481d ago

I think they should do the same thing as littlebigplanet 3. They should announce it 5 - 6 months before its release date. Then hopefully there won't be another delay.

nX1481d ago

I think they are pretty much doing that - bringing the game close to completion to prevent another embarrassing situation.

Vitalogy1481d ago

I think they completely lost their timing and made the game lose its appeal. But who knows, maybe they show us absolutely stunning gameplay footage captured directly from the console that blow us away but something's for sure, it will be very hard to regain steam and re-enter the hype train.

hkgamer1481d ago

maybe they are planning a dec 2015 release date. so basically have showing of the game for e3 gamescom and tgs next year and then release the game shortly after. think thats the only way to di it now.

b163o11481d ago

Almost like R* trying to find the right time to reintroduce Agent? Ive lost interest in this game looking forward to something better

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ChronoJoe1481d ago

I imagine, given how long its been, that the game has had a huge overhaul to match the performance of next-gen platforms. In turn I expect they're waiting a setting where a big announcement like this would fit in, such as next years E3.

This is probably also because the games release is most likely a few years away yet. E3 2014 had mostly 2015 games, if this is set for 2016 then E3 2015 is most likely most appropriate. Although they could also be saving it for something like TGS.

ForgottenProphecy1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

yeah, Sony has been good with only announcing games if they are months away now. I think they'll announce it next E3 for a November release date.
EDIT: or, rather an E3 with the following November release date. could be next E3, could be E3 2026.

pwnsause_returns1481d ago

Yea I think the way they are playing this now is announcing a game that is far into development, that it's only a matter of months away for them to release it. It's a good call. They don't want to do early announcements such as the tag announcement again.

ramiuk11481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

at least we know its still alive,thats good enough for me .

its crazy though because the 1st 2 didnt sell very well,its kind of a niche game

Bathyj1481d ago

Wrong. The re reveal has to be mind blowing or people are going to say why the hell did it take so long. Simply being good at this point will not be good enough.

xActionBasturdx1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

This is the one game which the only news i want to hear is a release date and/or gameplay footage. Everything else is irrelavent at this point.

wsoutlaw871481d ago

Ya but what if they announce it and it needs a long delay again. It would be an even bigger joke.

Magicite1481d ago

they should release it on most barren month of the year (usually in summer).

TBONEJF1481d ago

this have SERIOUSLY BEEN TAKING TOO LONG. what bout the ROCK STAR PS3 EXCLUSIVE AGENT wtf ever happened to that

Killzoner991481d ago

I say take your time Sony. We all know The Last Guardian will be an epic masterpiece so there's no need to rush it. Most people don't understand that true art does not just pop into existence. It has to be handcrafted , fermented and fine tuned until it is just ready. I can only imagine the attention to detail that has been given this game in seven years of development. I know we will not be disappointed and I will patiently wait.

Gamer19821480d ago

Clearly there is no right moment..

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qwerty6761481d ago

"waiting for the right moment to reintroduce"

sooo thats why its been delayed like 4 years, they're just for the right moment

bloodybutcher1481d ago

Ps7 launch title confirmed!

andibandit1481d ago

They're waiting for leap year

Baccra171481d ago

Still better than half life 3 and their anouncement...oh wait.

jhoward5851481d ago

Its obvious Sony will introduce TLG at E3 2015. The TLG will do what TLOU did for the PS3 console. Sony are thriving on repeated successes of the PS3. This time they're doing it much sooner on the PS4 hardware.

qwerty6761481d ago

thats a lot of assuming when we've barely seen anything about the game.

also despite their previous games receiving favorable reviews their games have hardly been selling mainstream

shawdow of colossus barely cracked the 1m mark globally despite a massive advert campaign from sony

ico didnt even reach that.

jhoward5851481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Exactly my thought. games have hardly been selling mainstream. That's what I think Sony is pushing for. Sony wants to make a game that sales well in all country. TLOU did very well in sales north America despite that it didn't do so well in other countries. I think TLG will be a different story. I think TLG will be the next TLOU success story in japan/north America(especially in japan).

shawdow of colossus was a great attempt. I just think the characters in shadow of colossus wasn't that appealing. Personally I like TLG art /characters better.

KingPin1481d ago

will it still be on ps3? or is it on ps4? or is it on both?

Bennibop1481d ago

Previous comments from Yoshida hint that development was moved from PS3 to PS4. It would seem that TLG was to ambitious for PS3 and that the technology was prohibitive.

hkgamer1481d ago

probably struggled too much to get a steady framerate on the ps3. i mean the feathers and fur on the beast moved around so naturally.

so i think its ps4 only and they scrapped it for ps3.

TimeSkipLuffy1481d ago

That would have been at PS4 launch, PS4 launch in Japan or TGS (because it is a Japanese game) after launch.

Spotie1481d ago

With the way the PS4 was selling previously, it wouldn't have made much difference. They were sold out all the time, anyway.

TimeSkipLuffy1481d ago

It hasn't been sold out in Japan but I agree with launch in western territories. Would just have been great to start with such an exclusive game.

hkgamer1481d ago

the good thing about tlg or ico games is that translating is a piece of cake. how much actual dialogue would be in the game?

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