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PS4 Timed Exclusive No Man's Sky: Massive Confirmed Feature List Details Ships, Universe and More

Indie Developer Hello Games are currently working on "No Man's Sky", the game is heavily marketed to be focused primarily on exploration and discovery and unique one, but is it correct? Reddit user Vyper248 has compiled a massive list of confirmed features of No Man's Sky. Its a great list along with evidence and answers a lot of fan's questions regarding the title. (No Man's Sky, PS4)

JoGam  +   232d ago
So its Timed exclusive?
THC CELL  +   232d ago
Yes coming to Pc too
abzdiine  +   232d ago
do you have a source?
Thantalas  +   232d ago
This game deserves to be released on Blu-ray.
abzdiine  +   232d ago
gamespot confirms that Edge confirms that MNS is coming to PC.. now how is that a reliable source?
do you have a source from developer's mouth?
Monster_Tard  +   232d ago
@adzdiine Is it really that hard for you to believe? the managing director Sean Murray did an interview in Septembers Edge magazine. Here is a digital version of the magazine, it's on page 71 where he confirmed it was coming to PC.

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Gh05t  +   232d ago

Wouldn't EDGE be the source hearing it from the developer?

I for one don't subscribe so I didn't read it but if EDGE did the interview and they reported that it was coming to PC that would be the source. Why do you have reason to doubt EDGE was making this up?

@Monster_Tard Awesome link thank you... didn't know that existed.
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Rowdius_Maximus  +   232d ago
Can't wait for this game
Major_Glitch  +   232d ago
So it's not really an "exclusive" then. Am I the only one that wishes the term "timed exclusive" would just disappear?
EDIT: Regardless of it's exclusivity, this game has piqued my interest. Definitely going to keep an eye on it.
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UltraNova  +   231d ago
One thing "You can name whatever you discover first" !

I'm already thinking about mods on the PC version where I would really like to fill a planet with MILFs and call it planet MILF-LAND...

Imagine the possibilities...Yeah...
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Ch1d0r1  +   232d ago
Its still an exclusive guys.

;-) Console exclusive.
dragunrising  +   232d ago
I expect an Xbox One release down the line. Just like Sony tried to convince/ confuse people that Diablo 3 and Destiny were exclusive. Their new tactic is to not buy real exclusives, rather hide the release or timed exclusivity they inked a deal for.
Hellsvacancy  +   231d ago
Lol, this here is your typical Xbox fan "Their new tactic is to not buy real exclusives, rather hide the release or timed exclusivity they inked a deal for"

Copying Microsoft at their own game, have fun with Tomb Raider, I KNOW what i'd rather play
KentBlake  +   232d ago
This, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne are my most anticipated titles right now.

But this has me worried:

"The planets within the universe will have a 10% chance of having life on them, with 90% of them having no life on at all. Of the 10% that does have life, 90% of that will be primitive and boring. So the lush garden worlds with more evolved life forms on will be rare"

So, if I'm not mistaken, only 1% of the planets will have a really interesting wild life...I wonder if it won't make the game a little boring.
elazz  +   232d ago
With millions of planets there'll be several 10k of interesting planets. Guess that's awesome. It's not that you'll get into major groundbreaking events on every planet you visit. This is an exploration adventure game
KentBlake  +   232d ago
I agree with you...if there's a groundbreaking event on every planet, they cease to be groundbreaking, of course.

I'm not saying the game won't be glorious, because it probably will. But it has to have other things to do and see apart from wild life, or else it will probably become boring.

That said, I'm buying it DAY ONE for sure. Or even before day one, if they have a pre-order bonus.
donthate  +   232d ago
I really don't understand this game at all. What is the point of it?

Just randomly jump onto planets and every 1 out of a 100 you might see something computer generated interesting life? There might be some narrative, but it is up to you to make something out of it?
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Sitdown  +   232d ago
We are in the same boat. I also could never get into SmashBros and the first little big planet. It's crazy because so many people love them, and I have no clue why or I guess how to play them.
mayberry  +   232d ago
I imagine that the most interesting worlds will be broadcast via the new, next-gen tech such as "share", "twitch" etc.. and I also predict that they will be GRAND in scope and scale. This will fuel the fire of exploration to the world-wide gaming community to try and "best" the discoveries!
Wonders abound!
BitbyDeath  +   232d ago
@Salty, same thing as Minecraft I suppose.
I'm iffy on it as well but am interested to hear more about it.
Ozmoses  +   232d ago
Yeah this isn't just about cool creatures and stuff..

Each planet is it's own separate location with unique features...

If a game that carries an idea as great as this one doesn't get your gamer juices flowing, than I don't know what will.
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KentBlake  +   232d ago
In my first sentence I said this is in my top 3 most anticipated titles, so it sure does get my "gamer juices flowing". In fact, I'm completely amazed but the simple possibility of these guys delivering 10% of what the game seems to be. It's a mind boggling concept, and the first game to have NEXT GEN written all over it, really.

I'm just worried about what is on all these planets that don't have an awesome wild life. If they have other nice things to do and see (not all of them, of course), I'm ok with that.
NexGen  +   232d ago
Hidden artifacts, caves to explore/mine, cash money, a place to duck from a space battle, etc. Mainly money, I'd assume.

Sounds awesome to me...planets have general requirements to harbor organic life (mercury is too hot, some planets are too cold, etc.).
UnwanteDreamz  +   232d ago
Kent how many planets have life in our solar system? The idea is to explore space. Do you have any idea how far the nearest solar system to us that could have life is. Im a fan of science fiction so I know their source material. Alot of people wont like or get this game because they dont understand the influences that made it. This wont be about space marines or alien invasions.
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jmac53  +   232d ago
Plus you get to stake your flag in the planet and claim the discovery for yourself.
thejigisup  +   232d ago
I believe that will encourage exploration. As stated below exploration shouldn't net ground breaking events always, that would make them not ground breaking.

I definitely can't wait to see the madness people come up with, like the genuinely imaginative ones. My goal is to find an advanced life form and name the inhabited planet jig prime. Ill hope to create my dynasty there and hopefully await other players so I can defend my new home.
DanteVFenris666  +   232d ago
It's trying to be realistic... Barely if not only us have really any life
UnwanteDreamz  +   232d ago
Only one planet in our entire solar system has life that we know. Some of you guys need school. Sure the universe could be filled with life but we are talking unfathomable distances. I hope gamers dont ruin this game.
Kryptonite42O  +   232d ago
At the very least, the boring planets could have some useful resources on them... so at least there will be a reason/reward to visiting the boring planets.. who knows.. but I agree.. It would kinda suck if you have to fly around for 1-2 hours before finding anything interesting.. but I have a good feeling that Hello Games have taken that into consideration. It sounds like they really covering their bases and are trying to polish the game and will continue to do so after its released.

cant wait for this game!
Redgehammer  +   232d ago
Also, the wording of its E3 reveal leaves open the possibility that it, may, potentially makes its way to Microsofts console. Sounds fun, I hope it's as fun as it appears, for all those that get to play it.
avengers1978  +   232d ago
Though no official announcements have come out... I think every gamer deserves a chance to play this game... No matter there platform... So for XB1 owners I hope it does eventually make it's way to that console.

Just like I hope Tomb Raider comes to PS4
iceman06  +   232d ago
They've always said that they were open to any ideas. However, they are a small team. So, they have to focus on one platform at a time.
kingvendrick  +   232d ago
Game is gonna be absolutely epic. Can't wait.
vega275  +   232d ago
I should have my new pc by the time this game comes out. Cant wait to play it on it. Hope it will support 4k rez on pc version
ps4fanboy  +   232d ago
This packaged with Morpheus ,master stroke,must have,next gen!
Sadist3   232d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
ninjamonkey1982  +   232d ago
Can not wait getting this on PS4 and PC worth it. Sometimes a developer deserves the money.
mcarsehat  +   232d ago
Yum Yum pig's bum
Meatyboy  +   232d ago
I've never got so excited reading a list in my life
BX81  +   232d ago
You clearly have never read a cook book ;)
Meatyboy  +   232d ago
Indeed! Or Schindler's :0
BX81  +   232d ago
mogwaii  +   232d ago
If anything this game is ambitious and very intriguing, i look forward to seeing how it develops.
gangsta_red  +   232d ago
A timed exclusive for the PS4...I wonder how much Sony had to pay to get this on their console first? It is definitely a good steal no matter how much they paid.

I'll be exploring the vastness of this universe on the PC for now and hopefully later on down the line I can experience it with friends on the Xbox One.
medman  +   232d ago
All I need to know is when I can get my hands on No Man's Sky. On that day, I sit down, lock the door, and may never see the light of day again.
assdan  +   232d ago
They made an alternative periodic table? I want to know how that works lol.
Azzanation  +   232d ago
Not trying to be bias but we should just wait for the PC version. These types of games play extremely well with a mouse and the fact it will have future updates (possibly 4k etc) and a cheaper game to begin with will just be a better deal. I cant imagine playing a game like this with a controller. This is just my personal opinion.
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vega275  +   231d ago
I totally agree about waiting on a pc version. I plan on building my new rig next month so I can play games at 4k rez. This game would look beast on my new rig when it releases. Probably come out 3 - 6 months after the ps4 release so I'll wait for the better version.
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jmac53  +   232d ago
This game is the business. I read in an interview that life on a planet will be determined if it's in the goldilocks zone.
mysteryraz11  +   232d ago
ill get it on the ps4

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