BG Review: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Binge Gamer's James Walker spent the past weekend playing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the PlayStation 3. Outside of a few minor gripes about the game's "convoluted" plot and "overly long-winded" cutscenes, there isn't a single complaint to be made about the game.

"All in all, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is easily the best game in the long-running Metal Gear franchise, the best game on the PS3 and, one could argue, the best game of this decade. Of course, you don't need me to tell you that."

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4cough3832d ago

These playstation fan-sites are on top.

They all seem to neglect to mention that the controls are broken.

They seem to neglect the 10 minute install, a 3minutent install at every chapter and a 20 load time at every new act, Ridiculous.

They also neglect that the framerate does dip well below 30FPS when there is explosions on screen.

5/5.....10/10.......100%..... ..A+.......MY RECTUM

Veryangryxbot3832d ago

Perfect 10s are flowing in EVERYDAY.

Now what?

Did we not say that its going for 360s throat?
Did we not say that armageddon starts at 12 June?


4cough3832d ago

No that I give two hoots about Halo 3 but its rated at 49 while MGS4 is rated at 67 at this time.

juuken3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

"They all seem to neglect to mention that the controls are broken."

Excuse me but...what the f*ck?

Broken controls?!

The only way for the controls to be broken is if someone treated this game as another episode of Queers of War.

Sorry...couldn't resist using that.

And ten minute install my ass. My update was done around six minutes so you fail for that. And framerate drops...what? You haven't played the game so kindly shut the hell up.

If this was on the 360, you would have praised it as if it was Christ's second coming.

Get the f*ck out of here.

butterfinger3832d ago

please keep in mind that a few days ago this moron said that every game on the 360 is in 1080P upscaled and the PS3 can't do that. He also said that it was a fact that the PS3 can't run the Unreal Engine. I'd say it's pretty obvious that he doesn't know jack sh!t about anything that spews out of his mouth. The kid probably can't even afford a bargain bin 360.

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user8586213832d ago

Which 3fixme game (Exclusive lol) can compare to metal gear 4 in terms on ratings hmmmmm

4cough3832d ago

MGS4 isn't even in the 50 highest rated games of all time.

check gamerankings for yourself.

Topshelfcheese3832d ago

Funny how its ranked slightly higher than your precious Halo3

user8586213832d ago

yh dats clever the games not even been out for a week yet. Maybe the website admins are to busy playin the game to put it on the site lol

juuken3832d ago

...4ccough, you are an idiot.
Don't talk anymore, please don't.

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Topshelfcheese3832d ago

This game is all about the Fan love...If you don't know anything about the Metal Gear storyline than the cutscenes will be "overly long-winded", however, I dont consider this a game, its in a whole other class. I consider it an Interactive Experience. Its probably the best entertainment I've gotten all year from any form of media, but I also followed the storyline and understood it.

y0haN3832d ago

agreed. the number of kiddies who are going to buy it and say it sucks because they don't understand the story.. sigh!

Fishy Fingers3832d ago

Amazing game, already completed it twice :)

Playing Extreme Big Boss now, hard as nails! Best game of this generation easily (imo), as as far as I can tell it's the first game that really differentiates from the previous generation (simply upping visuals isn't good enough for me) in my opinion.

Absolutely love it, last 3 hours will probably never be topped in a video game (sooooo good!).

LeShin3832d ago

You are totally on point with yur "next-gen comment" Bubbles!

BkaY3832d ago

u know what ...... today was my last exam.... im free for whole month n im gonna play the crap out of this game... i have preordered the limited edition... u know games here in australia are expensive so i hav to import it...

just luv to see the good reviews but hey ..... i dont give a flying "fudge" to the reviews....

cant waitttttttttt!!! by the way im new here...

hi everyone

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